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    HKSAR Chief Executive
    The Honourable LEUNG Chun-ying, GBM, GBS, JP
     Professor Stephen CHOW Chun-kay, SBS, BBS, JP
   Deputy Chairman
     Dr Frankie YEUNG Wai-shing, BBS, MH, JP
     Ms Yvonne SHING Mo-han, JP
     Mr Ronnie CHENG Kay-yen
     Mrs Eva CHENG LI Kam-fun
     Ms Teresa CHENG Yeuk-wah, GBS, SC, JP
     Ms Winnie CHEUNG Chi-woon
     Mr Leon KO Sai-tseung
     Mr Ronald KWOK Wing-chung
     Ms Anna KWONG Sum-yee, MH
     Mr Frank LEE King-ting
     Ms Emily MOK Fung-yee, MH, JP
     Mr Charles YANG Chuen-liang, BBS, JP
     Secretary for Home Affairs or his representative
     Secretary for Education or his representative
     Director (ex-officio)
        Professor Adrian WALTER, AM
     Professor Gillian Ann CHOA  (elected staff representative)
     Mr Jaime REDFERN (elected staff representative)
     Professor Philip WONG Sai-pong

The Council is established under the Academy Ordinance as the governing and executive body of the Academy. It comprises of community leaders with experience in education, the arts, law, industry and commerce; Government officials; the Director of the Academy; and two elected members of staff.

All members of the Council are appointed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive, President of the Academy.


Council Meeting Attendance Record 2017.pdf

Council Meeting Attendance Record 2016.pdf