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The iHub

iHub: Innovative Technology Enhanced Learning in the Performing Arts

The Academy is a leading tertiary institution in performing arts in Asia.  Its outstanding staff provides the highest quality performing arts educational experience. Graduates of the Academy are widely recognised as creative and responsive individuals, prepared for the challenges of a performing arts career in a global context.

In the 21st century, understanding and using technology is becoming an integral part of virtually every aspect of daily life. The Academy is committed to preparing students for this digitally literate future. In Cultivating 21st century performing artists: an Asian heart, a global view.

This is a responsibility central to the Academy’s mission, and consequently, the Academy is moving strategically towards the provision of innovative technology-rich learning spaces, both physical and virtual for its students and teachers.

The iHub and the goal of “Innovative Technology Enhanced Learning in the Performing Arts” has been interpreted broadly to include considerations of Learning Spaces both Virtual and Physical as key and dynamically linked considerations within the Learning ecology of any institution.

Innovative Technology Rich Learning (Spaces) in the Performing Arts
Classrooms, Performance, Tutorial, Informal Spaces, Library, Technical Infrastructure Learning Management System, Video, eProgress Mapping (ePM / Student Portfolio and Personal Learning Environment), Student Portal, Mobile

We are on a road towards successfully integrating this technology into an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, which addresses students' specific needs, developmental levels and individual learning styles. It also supports students in developing the 21st century learning skills within a performing arts global educational context celebrating the Academy’s uniquely defining attributes as;

  • A multidisciplinary learning environment
  • A nexus of Eastern and Western cultural practice
  • Innovation in the delivery of performing arts education
  • Close links to the professions and the industry