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Good Morning Class CNY 2015

12 February 2015 Category : Dance

HKAPA Dance Alumni Association special classes


It's that special time of year when friends and families share the goodies in life! The HKAPA Dance Alumni Association has prepared four special classes for our alumni and students of the School during this break. It will be a great chance for all to practice and play, share and connect over the Chinese New Year!


Class details are as follows:

16/2 Dever Chan@Taichi Daoyin

Practice in the power of "not-doing", moving with one's breath into a fluid state of beauty.


17/2 David Leung@Back to basics

Meditating on the origin of movement while exploring with the moving body from the standpoint of somatics, qigong and biomechanics, to expand the possibilities in, and explore the explanations of the experience of movement.


26/2 Jennifer Mok@Contemporary Ballet

A body-nourishing experience combining the essence of ballet and contemporary dance by an exemplary dancer from our alumni.


27/2 Wayson Poon@Improvisation

A series of exercises to help cultivate a sense of presence, awareness and organic-ness in the practice of dance improvisation.


Time:16、26、27/2 1000-1200(2 hours),17/2 1000-1300(3 hours)

Venue:one of the dance studios in APA

Fees:16、26、27/2 $60 (walk-in $80),17/2 $90 (walk-in $120)

Enquiries: 6123 0201 Cyrus Hui / 9366 2553 Szeling Wong



Please register by filling in the form below before 14/2. We shall confirm your enrollment by email.

* registration after 14/2 will be considered walk-in.



Please deposit the fees to the following account and whatsapp the copy of your deposit slip to the following phone number.

*registration after 14/2 will be considered walk-in.


A/C No.:237-2-043733 (HSBC)

Whatsapp No:9685 7118