Theatre and Entertainment Arts

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Selection Requirements


Preliminary Selection

Selection is based upon review of school records, HKCEE / HKAL / HKDSE scores, previous experience in performing arts, portfolio review, letters of reference, and a written statement of personal goals.


Applicants for the following major study areas are required to submit portfolios:

  • Theatre Design Department - All Majors

When submitting the application form, applicant should enclose 3 copies of their Portfolio. These Portfolios must be in A4 size with NO MORE THAN 20 pages (40 sides).

The portfolio should contain SELECTED works that represent your creative talents as applicable to the area you applied for. For example, copies of original works such as sketches, drawings, renderings, paintings, technical drawings, visual diaries etc.; photographs of 3D works such as: costumes, props, sculptures, models etc. Photocopies of research material are NOT necessary.

These portfolios will NOT be returned.

  • ETMD Department - Stage and Event Management Major

Samples of production files, prompt book, budget, schedule, running lists, slides, photographs or other supporting documents for theatre presentations, community projects or other performing arts for which applicants have acted in a Stage Management capacity.

  • ETMD Department - Lighting, Sound and Technical Direction Major

Samples of artwork, models, technical drawings, paper works or renderings, photos, sound tapes or videos of any productions or projects applicants have been involved with.


Candidates who pass the first screening will be invited to attend one or more personal interviews or recruitment exercises. Admission will be based primarily on personal interviews, portfolio review and/or practical tests.