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Sir YK Pao Studio


Photo of Sir YK Pao Studio

  • Multi-purpose function room and without permanent seating plan


  • Studio stage; flat floor
  • Floor surface - polished timber

Floor Area

  • 210 square meters (19.5m W x 10.8m D)

Permanent Attachment

  • Equipped with wall mirrors and dance bars
  • Two glass walls fitted with roller blinds and doors exit to balcony
  • Sloping roof with insulated glass, max slope height 6.5m from stage floor

Get In

  • Minimum dimensions 0.9m W x 2m H x 1.5m D through hall elevator access(max. loading: 900kg or 12 person)

Stage Equipment

  • APQ mobile staging system: 2m W x 1m D per module total 5 pcs, safety loading 500kg per sq.m
  • Selectable platform height: 0.2m, 0.4m or 0.6m, skirting and step can be provided
  • 10' step ladder x 1



  • Located at technical platform


  • Strand Lighting Light Palette VL
  • ETC HSR24+ Sensor+ 48 way dimmer rack


  • ETC Source Four 750W 70L x 15
  • ETC Source Four PARNel 750W x 20

Lighting Position

  • 4 sets motorized lighting bar at hall overhead, bar length: 10m, 8 nos. of lighting sockets and SWL 250kg per bar
  • Height of Lx Bar 1 and 4: 4.5m (from stage floor)
  • Height of Lx Bar 2 and 3: 5.5m (from stage floor)



  • Located at technical platform

House Console

  • Yamaha 01v96 digital mixing console 12 Mic, 2 stereo line in, 4 omni out, 1 stereo main out

Playback Equipment

  • Marantz PMD331 CD player

Wireless Microphones

  • AKG WMS4500 radio microphone system with HT4500 handheld transmitter

Fixed House PA System

  • d&b E0 speakers located at the overhead lighting bars


  • LEM SPN12SA Active Sub Low speakers


Sir YK Pao Studio Technical Drawing

Sir YK Pao Studio Technical Drawing
(PDF) / (Autocad drawing)

Sir YK Pao Studio General Information

Sir YK Pao Studio General Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.