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Drama Theatre


Outlook of Drama Theatre

  • Raked floor: continental seating
  • Full seating capacity: 415
  • If orchestra pit used: 380
  • 8 wheelchair spaces at side balcony
  • S21 on balcony is reserved for house usage


  • Proscenium stage; flat floor with 1 hydraulic forestage lift for pit / thrust stage.
  • Floor surface - painted tempered hardboard over 1" plywood. Whole of stage floor is trapped in 2.4m x 1.2m (8' x 4') modules
  • Stage floor loading 7.5kN/m² (765kg/m²)
  • Dance flooring: black marley
  • Proscenium opening variable 8.9m - 9.8m W x variable 5m - 7.5m H
  • Forestage: depth of apron in front of the setting line 2.8m (stock extensions available for larger thrust)
  • Stage floor 0.6m above auditorium floor

Performing Area

  • 13.8m W x 10m D x 16m H to Grid
  • Wing spaces: S.L. 1.1m W x 10m D x 7.5m H; S.R. 5.8m W x 10m D x 7.5m H
  • Rear stage: 11m W x 6.3m D x 6m H

Orchestra Pit

  • Main pit area: 9.8m W x 2.6m D x 3.5m H, additional pit area at understage: 9m W x 4m D
  • Total accommodating 40 persons (36 auditorium seats lost through use)

Flying System

  • 43 counterweighted bars, single purchase(CW) (SWL 500kg)
  • 1 motorized cloth hoist behind line 45 (SWL 500kg)
  • Main flying bar lengths 10.6m, extendable to 12.6m
  • 2 motorized bars in front of the proscenium arch(FM) (SWL 300kg)
  • 2 motorized side bars (SL/SR)(SWL 500kg)
  • Rear stage: 2 hand winch bars (SWL 250kg each)

Permanent attachments:

  • House Curtain on CW3 (drop only), manual control
  • Hard Header on CW4

Masking & Soft Hanging:

  • Blue velour house curtain
  • 2 set black full tabs (size: 12m W x 8m H), 2 sets black half tabs (size: 7m W x 8m W)
  • 4 sets black borders (size: 12m W x 3.5m H), 4 pairs of black legs (size: 3m W x 8m H) , all wool serge
  • Flat Gerriets "Opera" cyclorama / projection screen for front and back projection (size: 10m W x 8m H)
  • Black gauze and White gauze (size: 12m W x 8m H)
  • Various black masking flattage
  • Side masking on tracks under fly floor
  • Rear stage masking on tracks

** Get In (with closure of Loading Bay A)

Loading Bay A of Drama Theatre

  • Through TE034 Door at driveway, (minimum dimension: 1.2m W x 1.9m H)
  • Goods lift access to all floors.
  • Details for the TE034 Door

** Stage Equipment

  • Various rigging hardware and hoist units available
  • Cougar XLT 2900 hydraulic lift (max 8.8m H)
  • Instant Tallescope 50518 (max. 5.9m H)
  • Stock rostra available

** Music Equipment:

  • Wenger Tourmaster choir risers: maximum capacity 120 persons
  • Musician chair x 60
  • Illuminated music stand x 60
  • Non-illuminated music stand x 60

** Pianos:

  • Yamaha Baby Grand, Yamaha Upright
  • * Kawai Concert Grand

** Acoustic Shell for Music Concert:

  • Chamber Concert 8.9m W x 6.5m D



  • Located in room at rear of dress circle (stage right)


  • ETC EOS Titanium( Eos Ti™) with moving light control / effects / netware software options and full backup system
  • 184 dimmers: 42 x 5kW, 142 x 2kW
  • Control patch at switchboard, mains patch individually from Lektriflex multicores at Gallery


  • Front Of House:
    • ETC Source Four Zoom 15L- 30L 750W x 34
  • Stage:
    • ETC Source Four 750W 26L x 30
    • ETC Source Four Zoom 25L- 50L 750W x 15
    • CCT Starlette Fresnel 1kW x 38
    • CCT Starlette Fresnel 2kW x 5
    • Parcan 64 1kW x 24
    • Thomas Cyc. Flood 4 1kW x 5
    • Coda 4 G.Row 500W x 5
  • Follow Spots:
    • Robert Juliat Manon 1.2kW HMI x 2

** Extra Luminaires:

  • Profiles:
    • ETC Source Four 750W 26L x 30
  • Fresnels:
    • CCT Minuette 650W x 10
    • CCT Starlette 1kW x 30
    • CCT Starlette 2kW x 4
    • ADB TVM 5000 5kW x 2
    • * ARRI HMI 2.5kW Fresnel x 2
    • * ARRI HMI 4kW Fresnel x 2
    • Parcan 64 1kW x 16
    • Altman Zip Strip 50W 12 Degree MR16 Borderlight 2'-2" x 4, 6'-4" x 9

** Scenic Projection:

  • Pani BP-2 2kW x 4
  • Pani Effect Motor Unit x 2
  • with 2 x flame wheels, 2 x fleecy cloud wheels, 2 x Stormy cloud wheels, 2 x water wheels
  • * Pani BP-4 Compact 4kW HMI x 2 with Pani AMD-32 auto slide changer x 2

Lighting Positions

  • Front of House:
    • Bars above left and right side balconies
    • 2 motorized bars above apron(FM)
    • Light bridge x 3
  • Stage:
    • Wired spot bar x 5 (CW7, CW15, CW25, CW35 and CW45)
    • Mobile ladder x 6
    • Mobile side light tower x 8(share with Lyric Theatre)

** Smoke Machines

  • Le Maitre MVS Hazer x 2
  • Jem ZR 24/7 Hazer x 2
  • Martin Magnum 2500 Hz x 2
  • Smoke Factory Captain D x 4

** Accessories and Effects

  • Peasouper dry ice machine x 1
  • Aquafog 3300 dry ice machine x 2
  • A range of Lee filters stocked
  • UV lamp x 2
  • Strobe Light x 2

Auxiliary Power Supplies (220V 50Hz)

  • S.R. wing 100Amps 3 phase



  • Located in room at rear of stalls (stage right of centre line). Console may be relocated to rear stalls

House console

  • VENUE Mix Rack System digital mixing console with 8 Groups, 16 Aux sends, 12x8 Matrix out, 48 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs, 24 input fader, 8 output fader

** Signal processing equipment

  • BSS FCS960 equalizers, BSS DPR series comp/limiters, Lexicon PCM70 reverb unit, XTA GQ600 equalizers, Yamaha SPX990 multi-effect processor

** Playback equipment

  • Marantz PMD331/ 340 CD players, Tascam MD801R Mini-Disc recorders

** Microphones

  • Dynamic:
    • AKG D541E, D90S
    • AUDIX D4, OM6
    • Electro-Voice RE20
    • Sennheiser BF531, e 835-S, MD421, MD422, MD738FE
    • Shure Beta58, SM57, SM58
  • Condenser:
    • AKG CK1, GN30, GN50
    • AUDIX M1250
    • Crown PCC160
    • Neumann KM140, KM184
    • Ramsa WM-S5E
    • Sennheiser BF5032
    • Shure SM85, SM87

** Wireless Microphones

  • Sennheiser Evolution 500 series, (Lavalier or Hand-held)

Fixed House PA System

  • Two L-Acoustics ARCS Focus, one L-Acoustics ARCS Wide 2-way full range loudspeakers plus one SB18i subwoofer for main fill Left & Right
  • Three ARCS Wide 2-way full range loudspeakers for Centre Cluster
  • L-Acoustics X8 full range loudspeaker for front fill
  • BSS Soundweb programmable signal processing system with fixed EQs and system delay units

** Mobile Speakers

  • Apogee ACS-2
  • Bose 402, 32se
  • Duran Audio U-14 self-power loudspeaker
  • Fender SPL-1282, SPL-1285
  • Galaxy Audio GHSVC monitor, GPA5XD140 powered monitor
  • LEM powered loudspeaker SPN6A, T3A, T5A, T5MA, T5SA
  • Martin Audio CXW Stage Monitor
  • Meyer Sound UPM-1P self-power loudspeaker
  • Tannoy Wildcats series (Jaguar, Puma)


  • Stage Manager's desk at Stage Right with talkback system, cue light system, cast call paging system to dressing rooms, CCTV monitor viewing stage and conductor
  • Intercom system available at all control points
  • Wireless intercom system
  • Infrared monitor viewing stage
  • CCTV monitors in all foyers for latecomers


** Projection Screens

  • Da-Lite Tripod Screen 50" x 50"
  • Cinefold Portable (Front or Rear) 10.5' W x 7' H
  • * EZ Folo portable (Front or Rear) 25' W x 18' H

Surtitle Screen

  • 3.8m W x 1.1m H
  • Throw distance: 16.5m (from Lighting Control Room)
  • Hang in front of First Header(CW 4) on request

** Video Projector

  • * Panasonic PT-D5500E DLP Projector (5000 lumens) with:-
  • Wide fixed lens x 1, throw ratio (0.8 : 1)
  • Wide zoom lens x 1,throw ratio (1.8-2.5 : 1)
  • Tele zoom lens x 1, throw ratio (2.5-4 : 1)

** Vision Mixer

  • * Panasonic WJ-AVE55

Other Facilities

** Dressing Rooms

  • Accommodating 20 total: Dressing Rooms Nos.19-21 one floor below Stage level with staircase access to both sides of stage
  • All equip with access codes locks and showers
  • DR19 for 7 persons
  • DR20 for 4 persons
  • DR21 for 9 persons

Artists' facilities

  • Show relay / cast paging
  • CCTV by arrangement
  • Telephone and internet access (only for general web browsing purpose) at dressing room 20
  • Laundry / wardrobe maintenance facilities
  • Toilet on each floor level
  • Temporary quick-change rooms can be created at stage level


Drama Theatre Seating Plan

Drama Theatre Seating Plan

Drama Theatre Hanging Plot

Drama Theatre Hanging Plot

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing
(PDF) / (Autocad drawing)

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing in 3D

Drama Theatre Technical Drawing in 3D
(Autocad drawing)

Drama Theatre FOH Lighting Plan

Drama Theatre FOH Lighting Plan

Drama Theatre Dressing Rooms Allocation

Drama Theatre Dressing Rooms Allocation

Drama Theatre General Information

Drama Theatre General Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues - their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.