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Recital Hall


Recital Hall

  • Raked floor, continental seating in one level
  • Seating capacity:
    • Mode A: 202
    • Mode B: 162
    • Mode C: 133
  • 2 wheel-chair spaces


  • Studio stage; flat floor
  • Floor surface - polished timber

Performing Area

  • Mode A: 6m W x 6m D
  • Mode B: 12m W x 6m D
  • Mode C: 12m W x 7.8m D

Suspension System

  • 1 motorized bars overhead (SWL 250kg)

Get In

  • Through rear stage door, minimum dimension: 1.6m W x 2m H
  • Goods lift access to all floors

** Stage Equipment

  • Stock rostra / treads
  • Musician chairs / Music stands

* Musical Instruments

  • 2 Steinway D Grand Pianos



  • Located in room at rear of auditorium


  • Rank Strand LX 24 console, 24 channels, 28 x 2.5kW dimmers
  • Mains patch individually


  • Permanent Concert Lighting above performing area
  • Profiles: ETC Source Four 575W 26L x 10
  • Others: CCT PC 1kW x 10

Lighting Position

  • Permanent overhead concert lighting plus:
    • 1 fixed overhead bar
    • 2 fixed side bars
    • 1 fixed bar at auditorium rear



  • Located in room at rear of auditorium

House console

  • Mackie Onyx 1620 16-channel analogue mixing console with 8 microphone and 4 stereo line signal inputs, 4 Aux sends, 1 master output

** Playback equipment

  • Marantz PMD331/ 340 CD players, Tascam MD801R Mini-Disc recorders

** Microphones

  • Dynamic:
    • AUDIX D4, OM6
    • Electro-Voice RE20
    • Sennheiser BF531, e 835-S, MD421, MD422, MD738FE
    • Shure Beta58, SM57, SM58
  • Condenser:
    • AKG CK1, GN30, GN50
    • AUDIX M1250
    • Neumann KM140, KM184
    • Sennheiser BF5032
    • Shure SM85, SM87

** Wireless Microphones

  • MIPRO VHF MR series hand-held radio mics

Fixed House PA System

  • Bose 402 for centre cluster at downstage overhead


  • Intercom system available at all control points
  • CCTV monitor viewing stage
  • CCTV monitor in foyer for latecomers

Fixed House recording microphone

  • Audix M1250 XY format


Projection Screen

  • Da-Lite Matt White electric roller screen mounted in ceiling, screen size: 5.4m W x 4m H

Video Projector

  • Panasonic PT-RZ770 DLP Laser Projector(7,200 lumens), aspect ratio 16 : 10, native resolution : 1920 x 1200(WUXGA), permanent installed

Other Facilities

** Dressing Rooms

  • 2 dressing rooms DR22 and DR23 at backstage
  • Dressing room 22 for 4 persons
  • Dressing room 23 for 2 persons with shower

Artists' facilities

  • Show relay
  • CCTV by arrangement


Recital Hall Mode A Seating Plan

Recital Hall Mode A Seating Plan
(PDF) / (Autocad drawing)

Recital Hall Mode B Seating Plan

Recital Hall Mode B Seating Plan
(PDF) / (Autocad drawing)

Recital Hall Mode C Seating Plan

Recital Hall Mode C Seating Plan
(PDF) / (Autocad drawing)

Recital Hall General Information

Recital Hall General Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues. Their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.