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Under the auspices of Bloomberg, Performing Arts Education Centre from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts holds the first “Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po”, a community arts project. It carries performing arts into the community, and highlights that arts education be centred on daily life, fuse with the social and cultural context, consolidate the sense of community, and improve as well as invigorate the local cultural life. It looks forward to removing the demand of arts literacy on the audience, bringing professional artists and programmes on performing arts into the neighbourhood from individual to community, in order that every citizen may approach arts.


Sham Shui Po is a special district. It is the first one which has witnessed the completion both of public housing and large-scale private estates, while also being the earliest industrial and commercial centre. Lately, as the economy underwent transition and different races and classes came to settle in Sham Shui Po, we see how, under such a transformation, a unique culture has been formed in the district. With the opening of Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre and, in the future, the completion of the West Kowloon Cultural District, the demand for arts and performance in the district is evident.

In its first year, this project takes primary and secondary school students as the target, holding activities on performing arts education, enriching their knowledge on arts as well as stimulating their thinking. More than that, we also offer opportunities for participating students, teachers, and parents to appreciate arts, broadening their horizons. Additionally, the proejct serves to remove the demand for arts literacy, so that, from individual to community, everyone from the neighbourhood may approach arts. This unreserved openness to the average citizens contributes to the harmony of the community as a whole and improves its quality of living.


To hold captivating and interactive workshop, day camp and gala on performing arts education for youths, as a way to promote arts to them. Participating students explore the culture, history and stories of Sham Shui Po “in the eyes of arts” and share their findings with the neighbourhood, so that they gain a sense of achievement in learning and enjoy an all-round development.


To remove the demand for arts literacy and present the professional artists and programmes on performing arts to the community, as a way to enable the public to approach arts, so that, in the end, the sense of harmony can be advocated by means of performance and participation.


To grant students from the Academy the opportunity to come to visit the neighbourhood in person, know about the thoughts from the average citizens, and broaden their own horizons. Through a variety of performing arts, they are offered the chance to play out the sense of daily life as interpreted by them and learn from the interaction and exchange with the neighbourhood, as a way to prepare for their profession in performing arts in the future.


To offer opportunities for participating students and teachers to watch performances, stimulating their creativity in arts and broadening their horizons.


To cooperate with students and alumni from school and professional groups, in an effort to bring the fascinating performances to Sham Shui Po district.