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“On our Mark” Inauguration Ceremony of “Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po” was held at SKH Kei Fook Primary School on 30 October 2011. Taking the warm-up exercise of marathon as its theme, the interactive inauguration ceremony, under a relaxing and delightful mood, guided participating students, officiating guests, teachers and parents to co-officiate the project, conveying to them the dynamic and sensual nature of performing arts. Students from the Academy delivered wonderful performances and brought high spirit to the audience.
Officiated at the ceremony were Professor Kevin Thompson,OBE, Director of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts; Mr Tai Kit Man, Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Arts Education) of Education Bureau; Ms Brenda Yeung, District Leisure Manager (Sham Shui Po) of Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Principal Chan Shiu Choy, Chairman of Sham Shui Po School Liaison Committee.
Ma Wai-him and Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan from Music School of the Academy performed several songs on Sheng and Suona.
Zhao Na from Dance School of the Academy performed a contemporary Korean dance piece.
Participating students and officiating guests kick-started the community arts project.