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This first phase of the project, which consists of workshops on performing arts, is carried out under five different themes and art forms. Under the guidance of professional tutors, the workshops highlight a variety of activities, including field trips, interviews, collecting and sharing of personal stories, workshop exercises, improvisation, rehearsal and performance. Through these, the culture, history and stories of Sham Shui Po from individual to community can be re-examined “in the eyes of arts”, and the performance of creative works becomes a platform to share the experience with the neighbourhood.


To allow more students to get acquainted with performing arts and the neighbourhood, this project also holds the short-term workshops as an additional programme. From January to May 2012, it offers 16 hours of intensive workshop sessions for students from every participating school (12 hours of sessions for primary school students of grade four or above).

Theme Individual     Art Form Videography

Objects are sometimes reminiscent of their owners, which can be something truly romantic, as different things are composed of unique “sentiments” that jog our memory about the particular persons. Whenever the deep “sentiment” is touched on, scenes and stories from the past seem to come vividly to the fore. Basing its exploration on personal objects (such as watches, purses, student handbooks, passports, photos and accessories), the Videography Workshop records and shows the scenes of life through photography and videography.

Theme Family    Art Form Prop making and puppetry

Family is the epitome of society, and thus family members are the basis constituting a culture. Modes of living, cultures, habits of eating and drinking coming from families of different backgrounds are diversified, and yet harmony in diversity is possible. Puppetry Workshop takes “family” as the point of departure, inviting participants to present their cultures, memories and hopes in their making of prop and puppetry.

Theme Memory    Art Form Music creation

Time is just like a gramophone, recording, replaying and keeping the persons and things in the bygone days; voice, speech, and dialogue can be converted into lyrics and words, and the original story can also be re-presented by means of music and sound effects. The Music Workshop begins its adventure with historical time and regional space, presenting the regional stories through creative music and dance.

Theme Neighbourhood     Art Form Drama

The demolition, renewal and development of buildings in a district improve the living environment while at the same time altering the past relationship between the neighbours. Drama Workshop starts with the neighbourhood relationship, focusing on the collection of stories in the community. Through the creation of scripts and role playing, participants reveal the human relationship with the form of drama.

Theme Architecture in the community     Art Form Dance

In the region under redevelopment, environmental change takes place with regard to the need of the people and the passage of time, culture and economy. Just as the evolution of life, a region changes and diversifies. The Dance Workshop starts with the building and transformation of space, and the participants, through the bodily movement and installation, follow the approach of site-specific dance, laying bare the traces of history on stage.