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When the city is overturned,
Arts stand up for itself

You can always catch a glimpse of humanscape at any spot of the streets and allies. No matter which district or place you go, whenever there are people, there are spectacles that bring about sentiments. Be they commonplace, clamorous, boisterous, prosperous, in disarray or in order, they are equally organic and random. With the traffic increase and road extension, people can reach further. Yet, our field of vision is not as high as it was. The height and horizon of your vision reflects your mind. It can also be your physical sight. On the ground, we can look for a space that we can co-exist and share the height and horizon of our vision through arts. You would then realise, it is so close that it is right next to you.

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Performing Arts Education Centre
The Third “Performing Arts Marathon” Community Outreach Project

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts strives to promote performing arts. Every year, we improve and enrich local cultural life through organising various types of arts education outreach and community activities. Through engaging in performing arts, we believe that personal growth can be achieved and the local cultural life be enriched and enhanced.

In 2011, the first “Performing Arts Marathon @Sham Shui Po” community outreach project organised by the Performing Arts Education Centre of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts was held successfully under the auspices of Bloomberg. The project was well received among schools and community members. It was also acknowledged by the UNESCO for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education as a “Star Projects/Programs(SPP)” and received the 2012 Hong Kong Development Silver Award for Arts Education (Non-School Division) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, bringing positive and meaningful influence to the arts development of community.

In 2013 and 2014, the Centre once again secured sponsorship from Bloomberg to hold the second “Performing Arts Marathon @ Sham Shui Po” community outreach project. The greatest achievement of the whole project was to provide students and the general public opportunity to appreciate performing arts through performing on a mobile theatre. The Art Mobile explored the usage of public spaces and encouraged community arts development. It also served to arise interests and for publicity purpose. It is hoped that the audience recognizes that by breaking out of traditional performance venues and literally bringing arts to the people that creativity has no boundaries. In conclusion, the project offered a special platform for arts to be part of everyone’s life and an opportunity for people within a community to cooperate creatively and artistically. The project highlights how engagement with arts is important to individuals, communities and society as a whole, and can contribute positively to broader social, creative and educational agendas.

Through years of experience, we decided to expand the project (2014/15) beyond Sham Shui Po to include Yuen Long and Tung Chung as well.

Why would we choose to present the prgramme in Yuen Long, Tung Chung and Sham Shui Po?

Yuen Long

Vast in area, Yuen Long covers places from Ping Shan Heung, Ha Tsuen, Heung Kam Tin, Pat Heung, San Tin Heung, Shap Pat Heung to Yuen Long Town and Tin Shui Wai. Dated back to Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279), a sizable amount of residents was found in Yuen Long. Hence, residents nowadays still observe many traditional rituals and walled village cultural ceremonies, such as Tin Hua Festival, Tai Ping Qing Jiao and Poon Choi Banquets, while preserving rich cultural relics. Yuen Long has a long and profound history. At the same time, it is facing the complex community network resulted from changes brought by rapid urbanisation and relocation of population. Can performing arts bring impact on a community like this?

Tung Chung

Tung Chung is a new town on Lantau Island in the Northern New Territories. Its development commenced in 1994. It consists mainly of private estates, public housing estates and shopping malls. Residents are mostly workers at the nearby Hong Kong International Airport, or grassroots being allocated of public housing there. Residents usually find transport inconvenient and transport costs expensive. Hence, most stay in the district for their daily activities. However, due to its proximity to the airport and its role as the transit point to Lantau Island and thus various tourist spots, Tung Chung is full of tourist and needs to bear high prices and cost of living. How can performing arts enter a community with so densely a population and so fluid flow of visitors?

Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a unique community. It is also the first district that housed public housing and large-scale private housing, as well as the earliest industrial and commercial centre. In recent years, the socio-economic transformation and the new arrivals of different ethnic groups and social classes, Sham Shui Po forms a unique district culture. With the recent establishment of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Mei Ho House (now converted into a youth hostel) and the North Kowloon Magistracy (replaced by Savannah College of Art now) and other cultural conservation projects, as well as the nearby West Kowloon Cultural District development, what sorts of understanding and demand is the community going to have on arts, performances and cultural development?

Activity Timetable

Activity Activity Content

Stride Forward

Performing Arts Workshop

2014 / 12―2015 / 3

The programme recruits 30 students from each of the five participating schools. Under the guidance of professional tutors and artists, students discuss the relationship between individuals and the community “in the eyes of arts” to explore “community” as the main theme through drama, installation art and other performing forms. Apart from taking part in the workshops at school, students have the opportunity to go on field trips in the community.

Unframing Arts

Day Camp and Performance

2015 / 4 / 5

Participating students are going to take part in a day camp on the campus of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). Participants get the chance to learn on-site at professional performing venues and exchange their learning experience.

Step Out Arts

Marathon on Campus

2015 / 3 / 4–6, 9–13

This phase stage performances on the Arts Mobile. We invite of the Academy students and performing artists to create the “Mobile Stage” to bring performing arts to the schools in the district in performance tour.

Marathon in Community

2015 / 3 / 7–8, 14–15

The Arts Mobile visits various public spaces and venues (e.g. parks and housing estates). We invite of the Academy students, performing artists and participating students to create collaboratively the “Mobile Stage”, bringing different genres of performing arts to the community in performance tour.

All activities in this project are free for schools, students and community members.