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“Performing Arts Marathon” 2014-15 successfully completed

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The third “Performing Arts Marathon” presented by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts was successfully completed on 5 April 2015. This year, the program consists of two parts: 1) “Stride Forward” Performing Arts Workshop and “Unframing Arts” Day Camp; 2) "Step Out Arts" Marathon Tour.

“Stride Forward” Performing Arts Workshop
and “Unframing Arts” Day Camp

Students from five schools in Yuen Long and Sham Shui Po took part in a four-month workshop on drama, photography or art installation, experimenting with creative elements in the community. Between December 2014 and March 2015, students explored, under the guidance of the instructors, the relationship between individuals and the community “in the eyes of arts”. On 5 April 2015, they joined a performing arts day camp at HKAPA to share their creative products.

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"Step Out Arts" Marathon Tour

Between 4-15 March 2015, the Arts Mobile visited 8 schools in Yuen Long, Sham Shui Po and Tung Chung on weekdays, and visited 6 community sites including Yuen Long Theatre, Shan Ha Tsuen(Yuen Long), Long Ping Estate(Yuen Long), Fu Cheong Estate(Sham Shui Po), Fu Tung Estate and Yat Tung Estate(Tung Chung) during weekends. The performances benefited over 6000 school students and teachers, as well as more than 4200 community audiences. Participants include professional performing arts artists and students of the Academy, showcasing different genres of art forms such as drama, Chinese opera, music, dance, movement and film. Succeeding last year’s practice, our centre furnishes the "Arts Mobile" by integrating rarely seen stage props, costume and technical devices into the interior of the truck, making it into a mini venue for a backstage exhibition.


The “Arts Mobile” as a mini venue for a backstage exhibition

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Performances of different genres of performing arts