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Academic Quality Assurance Office

The functions of the Academic Quality Assurance Office are mainly: 

  • to develop, implement and monitor Academy-wide academic quality assurance plans and processes in enabling institutional continuing self-evaluation and self-enhancement, and teaching and learning quality assurance and enhancement; 

  • to oversee the administration of programme accreditation and review exercises required for external and internal academic quality assurance exercises at both institutional and school-based levels ;

  • to provide professional input in the formulation and review of academic-related policies, rules, regulations and guidelines;           

  • to administer student surveys and academic data analyses pertaining to evaluation of teaching & learning and course effectiveness, facilitating the academic-related analysis and planning; 

  • to provide secretariat support to relevant academic committees; 

  • to support the development of a quality assurance and enhancement culture at the Academy, and to promote good quality assurance and enhancement practices; and

  • to liaise with the government bureaux and other statutory bodies on quality assurance-related matters.