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About Us

The Centre for Performing Arts Research (CPAR) was set up in 2018 to foster and provide training, education and staff development focusing on Practice-as-Research in the performing arts and related technical arts. It seeks to build a culture of engaging in Practice-as-Research within the Academy through the formation and nurturing of a community of reflective practitioner-thinkers who can contribute to the development of the performing arts and performing arts education in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region and beyond. CPAR collaborates with the six schools of Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film & Television, Music, and Theatre & Entertainment Arts to embed Practice-as-Research into existing curriculum of both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and production and performing activities.

Our Staff

CHAN, Yuk-Lan Phoebe

Head of Performing Arts Research

B.B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Email:, tel: 25848405

CHAN, Yuk-Lan Phoebe holds extensive experience in research, drama and education practices. She has collaborated with a wide range of organisations in creating stage works, performing, teaching, researching and running facilitator training.

Phoebe has taken part in a range of research projects of varying scale. Her research has not only been driven by its focus on specific issues/topics, but also by a concern towards finding relevant methodologies suited to the cultural, social and educational contexts of those issues. Her PhD research, exploring the actor-teachers’ practices in interactive Theatre-in-Education programmes, employed narrative inquiry as methodology to help artists articulate their practice through storying their experiences. A recent performed research project used live theatre as the stimulus for collecting data from drama practitioners worldwide, on their views about “Drama and Democracy”. The findings were subsequently presented as a Verbatim Theatre performance. As a practitioner researcher, Phoebe is concerned about making research findings accessible to people outside the academic realm. She has not only been widely published in books and journals, locally and internationally, but also set up platforms like newspaper columns and blogs to disseminate research findings to the wider public. Phoebe serves as a member of the Review and Advisory Board of the international journal Applied Theatre Research, and the Editorial Board of The Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia. Her recent publications include Drama Alive: Teaching English through Process Drama (co-authored with LAM, Yin Krissy, Hong Kong Art School, 2010), Exploring Poverty through Drama: The Use of Drama in Global Citizenship Education (Oxfam Hong Kong, 2012, Chinese book), “Fluorescent Raincoat into Yellow Umbrella: Social Responsibility as Embodied Experience” (in Drama and Social Justice, Routledge, 2016), and the newspaper column “A Different Look at Drama” (in Apple Daily, 2013-14) and a co-written column in The House News on drama education (2014).

An experienced drama educator and applied theatre practitioner, Phoebe was coordinator and lecturer for Hong Kong’s pioneering Master’s programme in Applied Theatre and Drama Education, co-organised by Griffith University and Hong Kong Art School. She also designed a Professional Diploma in Applied Theatre and Drama Education to cater for growing industry needs in Hong Kong, and served as a core teaching member in the programme. A founding member of Hong Kong Theatre/Drama and Education Forum (TEFO), she now serves as the Chairperson of its Board of Directors. When TEFO organised the 6th World Congress for International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) in Hong Kong in 2007, Phoebe was a key member of the organising committee.

Phoebe holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong, an MA in Drama in Education from the University of Central England in Birmingham, and a PhD from Griffith University.

LAM, Yin Krissy

Lecturer, Performing Arts Research

B.Sc., M.Phil., M.Drama Ed., M.A.

Email:, tel: 2584 8410

LAM, Yin Krissy has a multidiscipline background. She has training in the field of Drama Education, Applied Theatre, Performing in Contemporary Theatre, Molecular Biology and Microbiology. She has had solid experience in conducting research in the areas of performing arts, psychology and science.

Yin’s research interests lie in the areas of training performer’s bodymind, phenomenology, the art of story-telling, and group-devised Ethnodrama / Documentary Theatre. Yin has presented at international and local conferences including International Drama/Theatre and Education Association’s World Congress (IDEA), International Drama in Education Research Institute (IDIERI), Drama Education in Chinese Communities Conference (DECC), and Hong Kong Theatre/Drama and Education Forum Conference (TEFO). She has also published research papers in academic journals such as Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre Journal and Performance (RiDE), and Journal of Drama and Theatre Education in Asia (DaTEAsia).

Yin has collaborated with artists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, locally and internationally, taking her creative works to different countries including England, Belgium, Poland and Singapore. She has engaged in a wide range of performing arts projects which gained her extensive experience in research, performing, directing, teaching, training, supervising, writing and editing.

Yin is also an accomplished educator and theatre artist. She has designed and taught original theatre art courses for the Centre for Education Innovation at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and taught for both the Master’s and Professional Diploma programmes in Applied Theatre and Drama Education at the Hong Kong Art School. She has won numerous awards and nominations from professional performing arts bodies including: The Hong Kong Drama Awards, The Hong Kong Theatre Libre, and the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) Awards.

Yin holds a Bachelor in Science in the Faculty of Science, and a Master of Philosophy in the Faculty of Medicine, from the University of Hong Kong, a Master of Drama Education from Griffith University, and a Master of Arts in Advanced Theatre Practice (Performing Stream) from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD). She is also a Chevening Scholar who was granted the Chevening Postgraduate Scholarship for her training in RCSSD.