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Practice-as-Research Film Series

In this series of short films we ask experts to discuss various aspects of Practice-as-Research (PaR) and some of the key things we need to consider when undertaking PaR projects. Each episode runs between 8 to 15 minutes and is accompanied with a worksheet with suggested activities and questions.


CPAR Resources (Students) - link

CPAR Resources (Staff) -  link


Episode 1: What is PaR?

Our experts define Practice-as-Research and give concrete examples of what a PaR project might look like. 


Episode 2: Why do PaR?

PaR specialists highlight how PaR can help build and develop our creative practice. 


Episode 3: How does PaR Relate to the Field of Research?

This episode reveals how PaR relates to other forms of research and the ways in which PaR practitioners might incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methods of inquiry into their PaR projects. 


Episode 4: Starting Points

In this video PaR experts advise us on how to begin a PaR project.


Episode 5: Reflective Practice

In this episode our experts talk about the importance of arts practitioners using the methodology of Reflective Practice to be self-aware of their practice.


Episode 6: Documenting PaR Processes

Our experts explain concepts of documentation, and outline ways to document performance and production processes in PaR work. 


Episode 7: Documenting the Creative Output

This video discusses how PaR outcomes are presented in performance and art works. It also addresses issues pertaining to documentation of performances and artworks. 


Episode 8: Disseminating PaR

Experts are asked if PaR needs to be disseminated beyond the practice. Various ways to disseminate PaR are considered.