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The Academy has implemented the Canvas Learning Management System to provide teachers and students with an online environment that will support them to learn and teach in an innovative and immersive 21st century online environment. Canvas provides teachers and students access to a variety of digital learning technologies to help enhance and support creativity, collaboration and communication in performing arts education. Students can access personalised and relevant subject content, communicate with their peers and manage their overall learning activities, progress and assessments. 

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to support innovative learning and teaching in the Performing Arts 

Some of the benefits of using Canvas includes:
  • Access to course resources, teaching materials and assignments
  • Keep up to date with important announcements, deadlines and news
  • Continued learning and engagement with peers and teachers beyond face-to-face contact time
  • Instant access and mobility to learning and teaching via Canvas Mobile App from anywhere in the world
  • Keep track of your learning and progress and develop digital literacies skills
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Want to know more about how to use Canvas?

Canvas Guides for teachers and students
The implementation and continued development of the Canvas LMS is underpinned by a strong teaching and learning ethos to create a unique and creative performing arts learning environment in Hong Kong.
  • To create and develop best practice and expertise that demonstrates and embodies the transformative nature of elearning and innovative pedagogies in performing arts education
  • Use evidence-based learner behaviours and learning analytics to help inform the development of the curriculum and facilitate the design of innovative blended learning courses
  • To develop and enhance the concept of personalised learning to enrich the student learning experience, and to create an authentic and learner-led active approach to learning and encourage creativity
  • To continuously support the professional development of teachers to help them to make best, informed decisions on the integration of technology-enhanced learning to support their teaching and contribute to the development of their performing arts discipline

If you want to know more about how you might use Canvas in your teaching please contact :
Dr. Hennie Yip -  - Direct Line: 2584  8351