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In the late 90’s, driven by research on metacognition, there was a move towards learner-centred pedagogies along with the adoption of learning portfolios that are intended to focus on students' personal learning journey over the span of their study period. With the emergence for online technologies and systems, learning portfolios evolved into on-line ePortfolios OR in this instance an iPortfolio (“Industry” and / or “Individual” / Personalised Online Portfolio).

The iPortfolio will provide a customised personal learning environment for students that connects to and complements the Learning Management System (LMS) and offers them a way to map and record their person journey via portfolio artefacts and learning and career planning resources. It supports the enhancement of teaching via the provision of learning analytics to the teacher and enhances institutional assessment and accreditation practices via outcomes and graduate attributes mapping. It will also provide an online portal for teachers to map, record and reflect on their own professional learning journey / Professional Development.

A Teaching & Learning Approach to the development of the iPortfolio
The learning portfolio will be:

  • Learner centered
    It aims to show and highlight the micro to macro benefits of the iPortfolio – going from the student to a much wider/longer term impact as aligned to industry relevance and even beyond graduation

  • Pedagogy focused
    Learners gather information, and then use it to think about their own thinking, to act upon what they conclude in this thinking, and then to express this solution to others. Teachers use the system to map, plan  and reflect on their own PD

  • Academically excellent and relevant to the professional industry
    Supporting the development of the Academy’s graduate attributes from an individual-oriented, self-directed learning standpoint that cultivates a students’ capacity to curate their future life and career expectations/situations

  • Personalised and foster lifelong creative approaches
    Providing a “one stop shop” mapping of the learner’s academic progress / teacher’s skillset. Through embedding and integration, data access and analytics between the iPortfolio, the Academy LMS and Student Information systems, a real-time status of a student’s academic progress can be generated.  A mapping of the individual students areas of strength and weakness with the ability to provide methods of necessary support and associated areas for teacher professional development

If you want to know more about the iPortfolio trial please contact :
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