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Learning Capture

“A good picture tells a thousand words.”  What about a good video?  Video is one of the most frequently used media for learning and teaching. 

It can be used to:
  • capture lectures / classes so that students may review outside class   
  • showing student with information from more perspectives
  • support student learning by integrating existing video resources from the Internet, such as YouTube and Vimeo   
  • enhance student learning where English as a second language
  • connect with international guests / experts via video conferencing
  • broadcast live sessions for sharing and encouraging collaborations
  • enable students to witness authenticated production process with multiple views
What is Learning Capture?
LEARNING CAPTURE (or as it may also be referred to as Lecture Capture) - is a solution that captures location-based activities in a digital format that is then available for download or consumption over the internet. It allows synchronous recording with asynchronous viewing of the captured lecture by students.  
What we believe? We believe that video technology provides more possibilities to enhance student learning in performing arts education. Our goal is to enhance the Academy’s provision of a 21st century education through the provision of state-of-the art video streaming / conferencing and learning capture facilities. This is the VIP OR Video in Performing Arts Project.

Learning Capture Facilities
To enhance teachers and students adapting video pedagogy at HKAPA, we have put in place:
・Panopto as Learning Capture solution which is integrated with the CANVAS LMS
・Learning Capture Facilities are permanently installed in the Recital Hall, Dance Studio 1, Cantonese Opera Studio 11, Classrooms 3, Classroom 4 and Dance Studio 2 forthcoming.

For more details:
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