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Innovation Fellowship Community

The Academy has established an Innovation Fellowship Community (formerly the eLearning Advocate Community of Practice) representative of all Schools, Departments and Support Units.

  • To recommend to the Academic Planning and Development Committee any suggested change on Blended Learning / eLearning or Teaching using Technology at HKAPA.
  • To provide input into broad pedagogical issues regarding eLearning/Blended Learning at HKAPA.
  • To be a key 'sounding board' for issues related to the LMS specifically and broader technology and teaching initiatives generally.
  • To be a communication conduit between the respective Schools, Departments and Service Units and the iHUB on issues relating to eLearning / Blended Learning.
  • To widely collect and disseminate good practices on eLearning in performing arts education inside and outside of HKAPA.
  • To maintain a watching brief on advancement in (institutional and personal) learning technologies and assess relevant impact on HKAPA’s journey on blended learning and eLearning. We meet roughly once a month for ~1 hour.

    Current Membership
  Name of school/Dept Name
1 Language Sharon Lee
2 General Education Unit Henry Lai
3 Drama Li Wing Hong
4 FTV Alex Lee
5 PAE Indy Lee
6 TEA German Cheung
7 TEA Ingrid Proos
8 TEA Yuen Wa
9 TEA Vivian Chan
11 GEC Stephen Cheung
12 Music Grace Yu
13 Chinese Opera Oscar Wong
14 Chinese Opera Boaz Chow
15 Dance Jaime Redfern
16 Library Joey Tsang
17 ITSU Terance Tso
18 SAO Violet Lau
19 DDA Prudence Wales
20 iHUB Peter Duffy
21 iHUB (SED) Buck Ng
22 iHUB (SED) Hennie Yip
23 iHUB (SED) Christopher Johns
24 iHUB (EO) Sherry Wong (Secretary)
If you'd like to join the IFC please contact Dr. Peter Duffy –
Our Online Community Space: