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iPAT Projects/ Funded

The overarching aim of iPAT (or Intelligent Pedagogy/Practice with Applied Technology ) was to provide busy Academic staff (~18 in total over the period 2017 – 2019) with dedicated time (~20% release) and resourcing ($169,990 in funding*) to co-develop with performing arts eLearning consultants and educational designers a specific teaching and learning project.

23 projects from different schools have been in progress in year June 2016 to June 2018.

  • Department of Languages: 3
  • School of Drama: 5
  • School of Music: 1
  • School of Chinese Opera: 3
  • School of TEA: 1
  • School of Dance: 4
  • School of FTV: 3
  • GEC: 1
  • Office of Assistant Deputy Director: 2

All iPAT projects are available on the intranet. Please clickhere to know more.

Final Reports are currently being produced across all of these projects and you can see some video interviews with the iPAT project leaders in our SHOWCASE area



The planning, development and implementation of LASECs (Language & Academic Skills Enhancement Courses) to support Conditional Admission students at Degree level Languages – Kate Allert
The planning, development and implementation of LASECs (Language & Academic Skills Enhancement Courses) to support Conditional Admission students at Diploma level. Languages – Kate Allert

Monitor the Load: Application of technology to the enhancement of performance, monitoring workload and applied Periodization.

Dance - Brenton Surgenor

Devising pedagogical strategies to foster critical bodily thinking

Dance - Brenton Surgenor

A model for the flipped classroom in the School of Dance: Safe-Dance-Practice

Dance - Brenton Surgenor

Enhancing student learning in the Professional Matters Course via Digital Storytelling 

Drama –Li Wing Hong

Enhancing Student Learning via self reflection in Practical Cueing

TEA – May Au

Interactive Content in Cantonese Opera Percussion

Chinese Opera -Oscar Wong

Electronic Database of Cantonese Opera Costume and Accessories

Chinese Opera -Oscar Wong

Cantonese Opera Makeup Demonstration Mobile App

Chinese Opera -Oscar Wong

Leveraging technology to enhance students’ interaction of music aleatory techniques in contemporary music compositions

Music - Grace Yu

Enhancing student learning and contextual understanding of Cantonese Accents in the Voice III Course

Drama – Li Wing Hong

Explorations of a Global Studio

Dance - Jaime Redfern

Capturing the Student Journey

Drama – Li Wing Hong

HK SAR Project:  Hong Kong Specific Audio Recording (SAR) Project

FTV - Benny Chan / Alex Lee

Know your Gear 101

FTV – Zachary AuYeung

Rebound – Deconstructing Sound Design

FTV – Geoff Stitt

Utilizing new media in the documentation and dissemination of PaR

DD(A) – Prue Wales

Developing an Online/Digital Teaching and Learning Performing-Arts-Reseach Repository (English Language)

DD(A) – Prue Wales

Arts Practitioner’ Reflections on their Pratice-as-Research: An online/digital teaching and learning repository

GEC – Stephen Cheung

Language & Academic Skills Enhancement Courses - Technical and Teacher-training Support

Language – Kate Allert

Musical Theatre - Digital Accompaniment Music Bank

Drama – Li Wing Hong

Contemporary Dramaturgy

Drama – Janice Poon