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Support for Staff

The Innovation Hub strives to create an institutional culture that values, rewards and sustains engagement, innovation and excellence in learning and teaching. We promote outcomes-orientated, high-impact teaching practices in performing arts education that foster deep, lifelong learning and, ultimately, student success.

As a team, the Innovation Hub supports learning and teaching by providing expertise in the application of “Innovative Technology Enhanced Learning in the Performing Arts:

This occurs through:

  • supporting academics in effective pedagogical design in eLearning contexts
  • developing competencies in using the Learning Management System and other educational technologies
  • supporting Schools and Departments with initiatives in innovative eLearning
  • providing frameworks and expertise in the application of emerging technologies for learning and teaching
  • capacity building

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Dance, FTV, CCS : 
Dr. Hennie Yip -  - Direct Line: 2584  8351

Drama, Music:
Dr. Robert Wells - - Direct Line: 2584  8642

Chinese Opera, TEA:
Ms. Louise Lee - - Direct Line: 2584  8340