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Life Blog and Strangers

Two community arts projects were developed from the additional funding supported by HAB in 2009/10 and worked in partnership with Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA): Life Blog Project and Strangers Project. For Life Blog Project, 130 youth participants from BGCA took the role of arts ambassadors to promote arts to public through different volunteer services which started in April 2010.  Sixteen sessions of volunteer service included a Hip Hop Battle/ Exchange at an elderly centre, Hip Hop performance at Sau Nga Road Playground in Sau Mau Ping area and two process drama performances at Tsz Lok Estate and Yau Tong BGCA Community Centre were organized.  The project would culminate in a public performance at Drama Theatre of the Academy on 5 September 2010.  Strangers Project is a youth development project through Arts engagement and international exchange commenced in April 2010.  Three artists and four youths from Mess Up The Mess Theatre Company in Wales, one artist from Inspired Productions New Zealand, thirty-eight Hong Kong youths from BGCA together with local artist and APA alumni Tsang Man Tung and Lecturer Estella Wong launched the project with an intensive 5-day camp at the Academy.  Via workshops, cultural tours exploration and discussions through Skype with artists and youths in New Zealand, Australia and Wales, the participants collectively devised the theme and content for the project further development in their respective countries.

Hip Hop Battle/ Exchange at an elderly centre Hip Hop performance at Sau Nga Road Playground