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Spotlight on Young Musicians

Commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and presented by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Spotlight on Young Musicians aims to provide performing opportunities for local young musicians, composers and singers who are eager to showcase their talents and creativity in public performances. The first series Music Beyond Tradition held in June 2011 and RENDERING held last February received impressive feedback. The project also keenly introduces chosen performers to a wider audience, and in particular a young audience, via different promotional channels including educational activities, school matinees, concert previews and workshops and pre/post performance talks. 

Performance: CROSS Four groups of young Hong Kong musicians will showcase their talents and styles with a unique choice of repertoire

CROSS - 6 Jul 2012 8pm 

Four groups of young Hong Kong musicians will showcase their talents and styles with a unique choice of repertoire. 

Venue: Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 
Ticket Price: $160, $120, $100(B) 
(B) Full-time students, senior citizens over 65 or people with disabilities Group Booking Discount: 10% off for each purchase of 5 or more standard tickets. Tickets available at HK Ticketing Outlet in June 2012 


Experimenting with Chinese Music 
Composer: Steve Hui 
Performers: Chin King (Guzheng)/ Steve Hui (Electronic) / Leung Yan-chiu (Sheng)/ Rupert Woo Pak-tuen (Erhu) 
This interactive dialogue between electronic music and traditional Chinese music is an experiment in challenging the established forms of musical expressions and exploring the boundaries between two different disciplines, to realize the true form of cultural transmission.


Concept: Leung Yan-chiu 
Composer: Wyman Wat 
Performers: Leung Yan-chiu (Sheng) / Wyman Wat (Flute) / Wong Tak-chiu (Saxophone) 

The colourful timbres of the western and Chinese woodwind instruments conjure up a mosaic-like soundscape. The audience is invited to embark on a refreshing sonic journey rich in juxtaposed images common to both eastern and western cultures. 

Vivid • Inspiring 

Composer: Wyman Wat 
Performer: Chass Wong (Pipa) / Li Wai-mei (Percussion)/ Samuel Bin(Violin)/ Tong Wai-ho(Cello) 

While painting captures a moment of a dance, music enhances its emotions. The performing works are inspired by nature. The ensemble expresses the relationship of these three artforms by creating a sphere for the audience to envisage their own dance. 

Alchemy by Varsity 

Varsity Saxophone Quartet 
Composers: Wyman Wat/ Sierra Tse 
Jennifer To (Soprano Saxophone)/ Jeffrey Chan (Alto Saxophone)/ Christopher Huie (Tenor Saxophone) / Chemie Ching (Baritone Saxophone) 

The programme celebrates four original works written for the saxophone quartet by women composers. The repertoire displays an alchemical fusion of the masculine physicality of the saxophone and the feminine sensibility of each of the composers. 

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CROSS - Spotlight on Young Musicians Series 2
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