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17 issue

17th Issue: May 2018  The Expedition of Performance Tours – Your Joy, Our Pride

The 17th issue of E-newsletter of the “ArtsEd in Chat” is featuring our Academy’s alumni – Kevin Chung. He shared his career journey of being a props technician in the international touring shows and his career path after studying at our Academy in the video-interview. As for “Sharing Platform”, we have invited three graduates from ApL, who completed their studies in drama and dance in 2017, to share their learning experience and the opportunities for further studies.

16th Issue: January 2018 - Behind the Stage: Props Maker

Behind the stage, the props makers travel back and forth the backstage in their daily routine. The props making process and the stories behind are unbeknown to most audience. “ArtsEd in Chat” has invited Lecturer in Property Making Mr Felix Chan from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as our guest. Felix takes us into his workplace, which is otherwise inaccessible to the public. A props maker has to be sensitive to three-dimensional forms and able to conceive the shapes of objects easily. Read “Footnotes in Art” to find out more about the Makings of a Props Maker. In 2017 and 2018, Our Centre invites students from different schools of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) to conduct photo interviews. ‘The Nitty-Gritty’ Photo Interview Project is based on the ‘little daily objects/ little events’ that belong to the students from the six schools. From these ‘nitty-gritty things’, we pry into the everyday habits of students from different schools. Please check out what it is about in “Sharing Platform”.

15th Issue: June 2017

- Standby...Go!

As a theatre production enters the move-in period, it’s the stage management team’s ‘show time’. “ArtsEd in Chat” has invited May Au, Lecturer from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, to introduce the duties of a Deputy Stage Manager (DSM). In the backstage, there’s always a desk, namely “Prompt desk”, reserved for DSM to use. Read “Footnotes in Art” to find out more about its key equipments. To give students the opportunity to expose to all-around theatre knowledge, Performing Arts Education Centre launched a special elective subject ‘Fundamental of Theatre Production’ in the new school term in 2017. Please check out what it is about in “Sharing Platform”.

14th Issue: Oct 2016 - It's Film Time

Despite just a hundred year of history, a multitude of techniques and artistry have emerged in film, giving birth to different film styles. In this issue, “ArtsEd in Chat” have invited Fung Ka-ming, Senior Lecturer from the School of Film and Television of HKAPA to analyse the use of long take and mise en scène in creating a subtle, delicate slow cinema film. Compared with long take, montage is an even more common technique in film creation - read “Footnotes in Art” to find out more. Over the years, some graduates from Applied Learning Courses, coordinated and implemented by the Performing Arts Education Centre, have been accepted subsequently as full-time HKAPA students to pursue their dreams in performing arts. We have invited some of them to share their experience in “Sharing Platform”.

13th Issue: April 2016 - A Love Letter to the Piano

Piano, being one of the most popular musical instruments, has a magnificent structure. In “ArtsEd in Chat”, Piano Technologist Mr Cheng Kwok Kuen showed us the complicated interior of the piano, demonstrated the process of piano tuning and shared his insights on how to look after the musical instrument. To learn more about the history of piano and the difference between grand piano and upright piano, take a look at “Footnotes in Art”. Our Centre has recently published “Five Keywords in Performing Arts Education”, please check out what it is about in “Sharing Platform”!

12th Issue: October 2015 - The Making-of of Cantonese Opera Makeup

Many girls are used to do makeup for themselves. Yet how is a beautiful Cantonese Opera makeup applied? “ArtsEd in Chat” once again invited Mr Hong Hai, Head of Production (Chinese Opera), and the members of The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe, to demonstrate the makeup process for a dan role (female role). Apart from dan, ching (supporting) and chou (clown) roles often wear flamboyant mask makeup to play various characters. To understand more about this, please visit the part “Footnotes in Art”. As the new term of “EDB Applied Learning Courses” kick-started, the joyous opening ceremony we organised for the new students was recounted in “Sharing Platform”. Let’s catch up with their happy moments!

11th Issue: June 2015 - Creating the Sound of Music

Welcome to the revamped E-newsletter. This is the first issue after a design facelift and content restructuring. We hope to continue to bring you interesting information in arts education. In this issue, “ArtsEd in Chat” has invited well-known composer Bright Sheng, who is Leonard Bernstein Distinguished University Professor at University of Michigan, to share with us his views in composing and music. “Extension Knowledge” introduces canned music to give you a better understanding of this type of music we often come across in daily life. “Sharing Platform” recounts the delightful moments in “Performing Arts Marathon” Community Arts Project, which was completed in April.

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