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Past Programmes included:

The Lecture Series 

Since 2007, the Performing Arts Education Centre has been regularly inviting renowned artists, performing arts masters and education practitioners to host interesting and inspirational talks and workshops to promote the development of performing arts education. This programme aims to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, raise awareness of the arts and cultural issues in the community and promote the development of performing arts education.

From the past two years, we curate and present the "Non-credit bearing Lecture Series" to invite guest speakers from the Academy as well as local and overseas art scene to present their work, ideas and experiences in an interactive way.

As it comes to 2017/18, we hope to further expand the scope of this programme based on our past experience. Under the theme on ‘Revival Our City’, series talks that related performing arts such as arts education, cultural development, outreach and marketing will plan to organize. Our proposed guests are all expertise equipped with professional background or solid knowledge and insight in their respective industries/specific aspects. We would like to enable the academy’s students and teaching staff, as well as the public and guests from different arts and culture fields to get closer, while encouraging the exchanges of knowledge and ideas.

Limited seats available on registration.The students and staff of HKAPA can enjoy priority seating at our activity.

* Free Admission


Past topics included: 

3 May 2018 "Echo" Sharing Series (5) "Outreading Hong Kong The Present Past of Literature and Image" : Mary WONG x Mo LAI x YUEN Chi-him (Transcript - Chinese)(Photos!)

How can we reorient our city through literature and image? 
How can we re-establish our identity from the shadow of history?

12 April 2018  "Echo" Sharing Series 4 "Revival Our City - Behind the dance" : Anna Chan X Daniel Yeung (Transcript - Chinese)(Photos!)

Dancing as a means of self-discovery, is also a common language for human beings which connecting people worldwide. That said, the freedom and openness of dance is crucial for making cross-media and cross-cultural exchange possible. The talk brings together the facilitators, Stella Wong with local choreographer and curator, Daniel Yeung and practicing art educator, producer and curator, Anna Chan to discuss issues like local dance ecology, its future development and opportunity, and share thoughts on how to develop career in dance industry and explore new types of collaboration.



9 March 2018 "Echo" Sharing Series (3) "Revival Our City - Growth in Drama" : Nick HO(Transcript - Chinese)(Photos!)

Drama is not solely a performance, but also a way to express people's emotions and reflect the different dimensions of a society, and greatly affects the growth of our next generation. Together with education, drama in theatre has led the participants and audience to rethink and re-experience their situation as an individual. In this lecture, we have invited local musical producer and director Nick Ho and drama educator Estella Wong to explore the relationship between drama and society.


 Jan 2018 "Echo" Sharing Series (2) "Revival Our City - Golden Age of HK Film" : Jevons Au X Adam Wong (Transcript - Chinese)(Photos!)
Hong Kong was once the film empire of Asia and the second largest film export area which only lagging behind Hollywood, however, the recent transformation of the local film industry has put the "Film Empire of Asia" to the test. What does the history mean to us when we talk about local film industry development? As a pioneer of Chinese film, how can we regain our city’s golden age? In this lecture, we have invited local film directors, Jevons Au and Adam Wong and film critic Fung Ka Ming to share their prospect of local film industry. 

Dec 2017 "Echo”Sharing Series (1) Revival Our City - Music renaissance : Adrian Chow Pok-yin X Hong Ka chun BFSH X  Anthony Wong Yiu-ming  (Transcript - Chinese)(Photos!)
In the 1980s and 90s, it is the golden years of Cantopop. The influence of HK pop music is more popular in non-Cantonese areas such as mainland China and Taiwan. During the 1980-90s, Cantopop soared to great heights with artists, producers and record companies working in harmony. However, after 2000s, the influence of Cantopop has been declining that lead by other country’s music style, such as K-pop. Recent years, some Hong Kong music producers and artists shout out to revival domestic music. In this sharing session, we will invite some domestic music producers - Adrian Chow, music festival curator - Hong Ka Chun, and artist and singer - Anthony Wong Yiu Ming to share their experience in revival of Cantopop.


June 2017 Sharing: Birds in the Neighborhood @HKAPA (HK Neighbirdhood)  (Photos!)
“Must we go to Mai Po for birdwatching?” “Is this difficult?” No! Birdwatching is actually easy. In this workshop, HK Neighbirdhood will show us how to recognize birds in the urban landscape through their characteristics, voices and daily practices. Starting from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, a guided tour will be organised for participants to get to know our bird neighbors while enjoying moments of peace in the campus.


June 2017 Sharing: Pak Sheung-chuen and his Creations (Pak Sheung-chuen) (Transcript - Chinese) (Photos!)
Map folds are the routes of his journeys, bus numbers at bus stop are his phone numbers to make random calls, the air for breathing in a house is recorded, a handmade sea level is hung on the wall at home… The creations of Pak Sheung-chuen always come from the bits and bobs and the mundane moments of daily life. In this sharing session, he is going to share with us his creative life in the past 15 years. He will give us some inspirations on how to discover the delights in everyday life and to see Hong Kong from another angle.


May 2017 Sharing: Internet Celebrity: Individual, Internet and Identity (Roy Kwong x Joe Lam) (Transcript-Chinese)(Photos!)
Amid the tumult and clamour of the Internet era, KOLs and Internet celebrities occupy different spheres. They compete simultaneously for attention, emotional engagement and click rate. Hong Kong Golden Forum has long been a key indicator of online trends and a breeding ground for hot topics, even the Forum’s CEO would find himself becoming the talk of the town now and then. Roy Kwong, one of the Legislative Councillors, is famous for his tender words and use of commas. He is a rare species in the political realm. Offline, how would these two figures understand the difference between individual identity and online identity? What causes and effects would the tension and catalysts bring? In this lecture, we have invited Joe Lam and Roy Kwong to share their first-hand experience.

May 2017 Sharing: Designs in Life, designing Life (CoLab x LAAB) (Transcript-Chinese) (Photos!)
“Crosscover” and “experiment” are the characteristics CoLab and LAAB share. The former mainly works with visual design; the latter focuses on architecture and interior space. While pursuing functionality and aesthetic, both groups blur the delineations among design, public life and community art. How does design relate to people, communities and society in their creations? In this Sharing, we have invited the persons-in-charge from CoLab and LAAB to share their thoughts and compare their experience.

May 2017 Sharing: Organising Fringe Cultural/Art Festivals in Hong Kong (i-Dance Festival x Kowloon City Book Fair) (Photos!)
Why would we organise a “festival”? In fact, Hong Kong is never short of arts and cultural activities. Different people are organising different events. Yet, behind the flourishing scene are the challenges of how to gather like-minded people and participants, how to utilise the limited resources and time, and how to link up related activities in an organic way. The self-initiated arts and cultural activities in the community are facing various limitations, from capital, labour, resources to venues. What risks and opportunities are in store for them? In this sharing, we have invited two veteran arts and cultural festival organisers, who respectively coordinate “i-Dance Festival” and “Kowloon City Book Fair”, to share their experience.

March 2017 Sharing: Time, People and Place: Travel as a Form of Creation (Fred Lam) (Transcript-Chinese) (Photos!)
For Fred Lam, his travel experience and creations are inextricable. The large volume of text and photos he created on the road actually influence his journey. Travel can even be regarded as a form of creation. The mixture of time, people and place in every journey can be turned into a unique creation.

March 2017 Sharing: Platforms for Independent Music (Music Bee x Hidden Agenda) (Transcript_Chinese)  (Photos!)
“Do Your XX Yourself”. Want to have your own say in music? Build an independent funding and performance platform! Music Bee enables musicians to publish proposals online for crowd-funding, whereas Hidden Agenda has been seeking indie music performance spaces in industrial buildings for years. The two parties are dedicated to promoting Hong Kong’s music and creative culture. In this lecture, we have invited Vicky Fung from Music Bee and Hui Chung Wo from Hidden Agenda to share their experience.

Dec 2016 Sharing: Alternative artiste (Gregory Wong x Neo Yau) (Photos!)
Gregory Wong and Neo Yau are two unusual phenomena in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Apart from finding their paths in mainstream channels and the existing entertainment forms, the two multi-faceted performers simultaneously appear in different platforms from TV, films to the Internet. How do they define themselves? What have they gone through?


May 2016 Sharing and Workshops: Story-telling (Yuen Che Hung)
(Transcript-Chinese) (Photos!)

May 2016 Talk and Workshops: Interactive Drama at Museums
Workshop A: (Photos!)
Workshop B:  (Photos!)
Sharing:  (Photos!)

April 2016 Workshop: Induction Workshop of "Transformance" (Dan Baron Cohen and Camylla Alves)

March 2016 Talk: "My Life as a Film Actor: Jacky Cheung in Conversation with Shu Kei"

March 2016 Sharing: YMCArts Urban-Rural Life Community Arts Education
(Transcript) (Photos!)

February 2016 Lecture: Uselessness (Pong Yat-ming)

January 2016 Lecture (Chan Wai x Wong Yan-kwai)
(Transcript) (Photos!)

January 2016 Documentary Screening and Talk (Professor Pai Hsien-yung x Shu Kei)

December 2015 Lecture: Roadmap of Memories (Tse Chi Tak Ducky x Ellis Yip)
(Transcript) (Photos!)

November 2015 Workshop: Community Music in Action Hong Kong (Peter Moser)

  • Peter Moser - Community Music in Action: Hong Kong, May 2015(Co-presented by Centre of Community Cultural Development of HK, More Music of UK and PAE)
  • New Works Forum - Challenging Perspectives on Physicalities and Bodies, June 2014 (Co-presented by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and PAE)
  • Applied Drama/Theatre: The 'Why' and 'How' of Using Drama in Social Work and School Education
  • The Liaisons Seminar “What is the Price of Love?”
  • “Academy Archlute Lecture Demonstration by Juan Carlos de Mulder”
  • “100 years of Le Sacre du Printemps” and “The Rite of Spring”
  • Creating Democratic Citizenship through Drama Education – “Contemporary Ideas in using Issue-based Theatre Strategies”
  • Possibility of Cantonese Opera Education for Children and Youth
  • Drama in Language Subject under New Senior Secondary Curriculum: English Language
  • Drama in Language Subject under New Senior Secondary Curriculum: Chinese Language
  • Public Forum on Performing Arts: Sharing Experiences
  • Leadership Development in Arts, Cultural, and Creative Industries
  • Crime of the 21st Century – from Edward Bond to the Performance of a Human Education
  • Into the World of Film: Introduction to Film & Filmmaking
  • Creativity in a Drama Production

Past topics included: 



Past topics included: