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Academy Cantonese Opera: Gongs and Drums

Academy Cantonese Opera: Gongs and Drums

Chinese Opera

01 - 02 December 201719:30

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : $45 (Student Ticket) - $90

School / Department : School of Chinese Opera

Category : Academy Events

Performance in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles


Ritual Play : The Eight Immortals Bestowing Longevity (Sung Version)

Director: Hong Hai

Academic Consultant (Ritual Play): Lum Man-yee


Ghost’s Lament

Director: Ying Kam-sha


‘The Dream’ from Dream of the West Chamber

Director: Liu Li


‘Interrogating the Husband’from Romance and Hatred

Director: April Chow


Meeting Wife in Xihe

Director: Hong Hai



Music Director: Luo Qinger

Percussion Director: Zhao Riwei

Set Designer: Jacqueline Ip Tin-wai

Lighting Designer: Coco Chung Po-yee

Sound Designer: Sanco Lee


Main Cast

Luo Yan

Leung Chui-shan

Liang Zhenwen

Lo Ming-cheung

Vina Ng Wing-lam

Kong Ting-yin

Chu Siu-yat

Wong Ho-yau

Ho Hei-man

Leung Kwan-yin

Deng Huishu

Woo Man-ka

Cheung Mei-fung

Yang Zhiyin

Kali Lam Pui-ka

Chow Lok-tung

Chan Hoi-man

Cheng Nga-lui

Ng Man-ting


Performed and accompanied by the students of the Performance Stream and Music Stream of the Academy’s School of Chinese Opera