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Academy Drama: Lysistrata

Academy Drama: Lysistrata


20 - 25 November 201719:45

25 November 201714:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 (Student Ticket) - $95

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

Drama in Cantonese

This production contains foul language and adult elements, suitable for audience aged 12 or above


Make love, not war.


“Human wants are unlimited while resources are limited." To compete for resources, countries around the world come up with an immortal "Global Virtual War". The top ranked country will gain all the rights to exploit, utilize and distribute world resources. As a result, all men are recruited into the army, which turns women's lives upside down. In order to make a change, women inflamed a revolution lead by the spirit of the mysterious "Lysistrata", wrestling with the authority to return men from the battlefield to their soft beds. "Is this a crusade of men fighting for their country or a sex war of women fighting for their dignity?"


Playwright: Aristophanes

Director / Translator & Adaptation: Fong Chun-kit

Set Designer: Ng Wun-man

Costume Designer: Angie Yeung Wing-yan

Lighting Designer: Kwan Kai-kit

Sound Designer: Esther Leung Hei-lam

Cast: Cheung Tik-ki, Chou Henick, Chu Wing-yan, Mo Hin-wai, Pang Chin-hang, Poon Tai-ming, Sze Wei, Tam On-ting, Tung Chung-can, Yau Fuk-wing, Choi Wai-ki, Elly Lam, Li Ni-shan, Luk Ka-ki, Man Hoi-lam, So Chun-wai, Franchesca Wong