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Academy Drama: Morning

Academy Drama: Morning


20 - 25 March 201719:45

25 March 201714:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 (Student Ticket) - $95

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School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

Free seating. This production contains foul language and violence scenes, suitable for audience aged 16 or above.


Morning shows us the world as it is, not how we fondly imagine it to be. Only its title detains us with hope: little comfort, but perhaps enough." (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

The Academy’s School of Drama students take on the challenge of this stunning contemporary drama under the direction of award-winning director, alumnus and Senior Lecturer in Directing, Roy Szeto.


Simon Stephens' play Morning is as bold and shocking as it is thoughtful and disturbing. Written for and with teenagers from Lyric Hammersmith's youth company in London, and later presented to enormous critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012, it explores the motiveless malignity of teenagers who find themselves marooned in a world of meaninglessness. Like many recent plays and movies, it attempts to give voice to the random acts of violence seemingly glibly perpetrated by teenagers on peers, siblings and strangers. But unlike many recent attempts, Simon Stephens, by working with young people, finds a thoughtful and resonating authenticity that makes the audience think as well as witnessing acts of a generation desperately lost. Perhaps Morning will help us to see hope shining through this dark and dystopic world.


Playwright: Simon Stephens

Director: Roy Szeto

Translator: Li Wing-hong

Set Designer: Hui On-yee

Costume Designer: Vanessa Suen

Lighting Designer: Luk Tsz-ching

Sound Designer: Hin Lo

Cast: Pak Ching-ying, Tunes Ting, Tsang Wing-shun, Chan Lam-yan, Chou Henick, Wan Po-ching