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Academy Festival 2017 Presents: Gongs and Drums

Chinese Opera

26 - 27 May 201719:30

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : $45 (Student Ticket) - $90

School / Department : School of Chinese Opera

Category : Academy Events

The School of Chinese Opera will stage its key performance Gongs and Drums with four short plays this semester, namely The Ten-Year Dream, Escorting Jingniang on a Thousand-Mile Journey, ‘Execution Ground’ from The Summer Snow, and ‘The Farewell’ from Butterfly Lovers. All four plays are directed by teachers and performed by students. Adding a special touch to the performance, these plays feature live musical accompaniment from Chinese Opera music students and teachers.


Each of the four short plays has a distinctive style. The Ten-Year Dream and Escorting Jingniang on a Thousand- Mile Journey are both stories about heroic emperors in ancient times. The newly edited ‘Execution Ground’ from The Summer Snow expresses the injustice of Dou Er through traditional singing and dancing. ‘The Farewell’ is one of the most famous scenes from Butterfly Lovers and is also a classic play by Dr Lam Kar-sing. The highlight of this show is cross-dressing, where female performers are required to play male roles. 

Gongs and Drums May 2017