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Academy Festival 2017 Presents: School of Dance Spring Performances

Academy Festival 2017 Presents: School of Dance Spring Performances


28 April 201720:00

29 April 201715:00

29 April 201720:00

Venue : Academy Lyric Theatre

Price Info : $55 (Student Ticket) - $115

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School / Department : School of Dance

Category : Academy Events

School of Dance

As part of its spring programme – and doubling up as the opening event of the first Academy Festival – the School of Dance will be presenting four works, three of which are new creations developed with the students of the Contemporary, Ballet and Chinese Dance Departments. The fourth work is a re-presentation of the much loved Faint Parallel Lines, choreographed by John Utans, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Dance. The work, which explores ideas of simultaneous existence and thought, looks at the way different structures and patterns exist independently, in real life and in art, and the moments when these patterns and paths cross, collide or continue to run side by side.


International artists, drawn from across the globe, have brought their unique creative talents to the creation of the three new pieces and during their time at the Academy have immersed students in practices that will be needed in the professional world that some students will soon be joining.


The Australian choreographer Gabrielle Nankivell has created a work called Cat Dérive with students from the Contemporary Dance Department, in which the routines and rhythms of the city's inhabitants build a moving map that traces our shared environment. Each individual's idea of order is different - what might be chaos for one may be order for another.


The London-based choreographer Cameron McMillan has been working this semester with the Ballet Department to develop a work The Inheritance of Form that expands on ballet’s pure and physically formal architectural base to evolve and re-define the form and explore possibilities for ballet in the 21st century.


Gao Chengming has created a work called Fortunes with students from the Chinese Dance Department, investigating the idea that no matter what the results may be, one’s wishes are all the same at the beginning.