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Enigma Variations

09 Sep (Sat) - 30 Sep (Sat)

09 Sep 2023 (Sat) - 10 Sep 2023 (Sun) | 20:00
10 Sep 2023 (Sun) | 15:00
12 Sep 2023 (Tue) - 16 Sep 2023 (Sat) | 20:00
17 Sep 2023 (Sun) | 15:00
19 Sep 2023 (Tue) - 23 Sep 2023 (Sat) | 20:00
24 Sep 2023 (Sun) | 15:00
26 Sep 2023 (Tue) - 30 Sep 2023 (Sat) | 20:00

Ten Years of Love at Dionysus Contemporary Theatre

〈Enigma Variations〉
Who are you? Who is she? Who is love?

The Nobel Prize-winning recluse(Anthony Wong), who has been in seclusion for many years, suddenly releases a new work that attracts worldwide attention.
...he breaks his usual pratices, by writing about love for the first time;
...and makes an exception to give an interview
...and being fooled around by a tabloid journalist (Neo Yau);
...and unveils one astonishing secret after another;
...and unleashing three enigmatic love stories.

Organized and Produced by: Dionysus Contemporary Theatre
Co-organizers: SCHOOLMATES.CC, Sunny Side Up, Chessman Entertainment Production, Trial&Error

Starring: Anthony Wong, Neo Yau
Playwright: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt (France)
Director: Chan Suk-yi*
Producer: Joyce Cheung

This performance is a Cantonese drama and does not have subtitles.
The performance contains adult themes and gun effects.

* Appearance by kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Academy Lyric Theatre
2 hours (without interval)
Price Info:
$888 - $272 (Full-time Student / Senior Citizen aged 60 or above / Disable)
Drama in Cantonese (without subtitles)
Dionysus Contemporary Theatre