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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot


24 - 27 October 201819:45

27 October 201815:00

28 October 201819:00

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Duration : Approx. 2 hours 20 minutes (including one interval)

Price Info : $495 - $265 (Full-Time Student / Senior Citizen / Disabled)

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School / Department : Customer Services Department

Category : Hirer Events Language : English

Presenter : ABA Productions & AC Productions (Ireland)

Waiting for Godot

A tragicomedy in two parts, Waiting for Godot follows two days in the lives of wandering vagabonds Vladimir and his friend Estragon on a barren country road as they wait expectantly by a lone tree in hope for salvation from a man called Godot. A man they hope will give them answers to their undefined questions. While waiting, they fool around, entertaining one another with feisty debate and comedic Vaudevillian tricks. 

Instead of Godot they meet two eccentric travellers, the overbearing landowner Pozzo, and his tormented servant Lucky and a young boy who advises them that ‘Mr Godot won’t come here today but he’ll surely arrive tomorrow’. When tomorrow comes, still determining to leave, the pair remain and wait, they wait for Godot.

Few plays have attracted so much interpretation. Much attention has been centred on the character of the cryptic Godot. But perhaps the real subject of this extraordinary text is not Godot, but waiting. 

This production from Ireland’s AC Productions has thrilled and entertained audiences since 2005.

Running time approximately 2 hours 20 minutes including one interval

10% discount is available for groups of ten or more

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