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Witness For The Prosecution

Witness For The Prosecution


28 July 201820:00

29 July 201815:00

31 July - 04 August 201820:00

05 August 201815:00

07 - 08 August 201820:00

Venue : Academy Lyric Theatre

Duration : 2 hours 30 minutes (with 15mins interval)

Price Info : $1200 - $280

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School / Department : Customer Services Department

Category : Hirer Events Language : Cantonese Drama with Chinese and English subtitles

Presenter : Emperor Entertainment Group

Cast: Carina Lau, Paul Chun, Tse Kwan Ho 

Witness For the Prosecution - presented by Emperor Entertainment Group, is the most spectacular drama of the year in Hong Kong, casting famous actors and actress including Carina Lau, Tse Kwan Ho and Paul Chun. The story was written by a well-known mystery writer, Agatha Christie. The play had been awarded as the 'Best Foreign Play' by New York Drama Critics’ Circle and had run for over hundreds shows at Winter Garden Theatre in London and the Broadway Theatre during 1953-1955. 

Leonard Vole is arrested for the murder of Emily French, a wealthy old woman. Unaware that he was a married man, Miss French made him her principle heir, casting suspicion on Leonard. When his wife Romaine agrees to testify, she does so not in Leonard’s defense but as a witness for the prosecution. 

Romaine’s decision is part of a complicated plan to free her husband. She first gives the prosecution its strongest evidence, then fabricates new evidence that discredits her testimony, believing that this improves Leonard’s chances of acquittal far more than her testimony for the defense. 

Yet, the truth surprised everyone… 

Playwright: Agatha Christie 
Producer: Vicky Leung
Director and Translator: Fredric Mao Chun Fai
Art Director: William Chang Suk Ping 
Drama Planner: Alex Fung