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Xu Zhimo

Xu Zhimo


30 June - 01 July 201819:30

02 July 201814:30

06 - 07 July 201819:30

08 July 201814:30

13 - 14 July 201819:30

15 July 201814:30

Venue : Academy Lyric Theatre

Duration : Approx. 3 hours (with 15 minutes interval)

Price Info : $880 - $280

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School / Department : Customer Services Department

Category : Hirer Events Language : Cantonese Drama with Chinese surtitles Duration

Presenter : Little Horse Workshop

XU Zhimo is a drama that is distinctly produced and directed by Mr. Steven, Ma Chun Wai in the foremost sense. Mr. Ma has used over seven months of time for production, and wrote the script for XU Zhimo with his most genuine pen. While bearing the immense duties of directing, acting and producing the play, Mr. Ma brought colossal success to the stage of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Opera. The drama was an unprecedented success of six full houses together in November, 2016. 

In September 2017, XU Zhimo, the sole drama being representative of Hong Kong, has honorably been invited for performance to public in the Shanghai Oriental Art Center for the 19th Shanghai International Arts Festival. In the same year, XU Zhimo has also completed its first touring performance in mainland China by three wonderful performances in Guangzhou Opera House and Xiamen Banlam Grand Theater respectively. 

In the year of 2018, we are grateful to announce XU Zhimo has finally decided for reenactment in Hong Kong! In order to bring an invigorative dramatic experience to the audience, Mr. Ma decides to replenish the designs of the stage, lightings and costumes and an entire new yet dynamic star-cast to reenact the moving tale. Mr. Ma believes with persistence that while it is important to promote Chinese culture and the art of drama, he also wishes to nurture the new generations of actors and artists. With this in mind, Mr. Ma hopes that this performance can serve as a challeging arena for different generations of actors and artists to collaborate together, in the hope of creating sparks and dynamics. As Mr. Ma gladly believes, the reenacted XU Zhimo with its entirely new designs and pairings will deliver the most enthralling and marvelous performance to the audience. 


XU Zhimo is a realistic drama that portrays the terse yet expressive life of Mr. Xu Zhimo (1896-1931), the eminent and well-accomplished Chinese poet in the early 20th-century. The drama offers a direct glimpse into Xu’s life by blending in different essential elements to Xu, including his most celebrated literary works, momentous views towards life, and the entangled and perplexing relationships with the three most important women in his life: Zhang You Yi, Lin Xu Yin and Lu Xiao Man. 

Produced by: Little Horse Workshop 
Producer/ Director/ Playwright: Steven Ma Chun Wai
Executive Producer: Garrick Wong
Executive Director: Wong Ka Wai 
Casts: Ma Chun Wai Wu Ting Yan 
Chiang Tai Wai (Specially Invited) 
Fung So Bor Lee Lung Kay
Wong Chak Fung Lam King Kong
Chiu Fung Yee Wong Ka Wai
Wong Chiu Yam (session:1,6,8,14 July) 
Fung Siu Shan (Perform:30 June, 2,7,13,15 July) 
Ng Man Shan (Perform:1,7,14 July) 
Wong Ching Yin (Perform:30 June, 2,6,8,13,15 July) 
Deng Jierui Lee Chi Yeung
Law Hoi Man Choi Wing Yin