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About Academy Master's Degrees About Academy Master's Degrees
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About Academy Master's Degrees

Introducing Academy Master's Degree Programmes

The Academy Master's degree programmes provide opportunities for talented graduates from Hong Kong and abroad to obtain internationally recognized postgraduate qualifications in the performing arts and theatre and entertainment arts. The practice-oriented programmes foster artistry, develop advanced skills, provide in-depth knowledge, and build professionalism for students who demonstrate the potential for excellence. Postgraduate students undertake practical research, apply theory to professional practice, make original contributions to their areas of specialization, and gain the specialized means and assurance to continue in life-long careers. While valuing independent accomplishment within contexts of collaboration and team effort, study at the Master's degree level is intended to enable practicing artists to develop into potential leaders in the arts.
Called application for Master’s Programmes 2019/20

MMus: 03.12.2018 to 08.01.2019

MFA: 03.12.2018 to 04.02.2019