• Our Location in Hong Kong

    Exterior of HKAPA

    Situated in one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cultural metropolises, the Academy is devoted to cultivating 21st century performing artists : an Asian heart, a global view.
  • Our Multi-Disciplinarity

    The offer of six performing arts disciplines means that students learn from peers from other disciplines and are able to experience at first hand the totality of the performing arts experience.
    our multi-disciplinarity 
  • Our Practice-based Learning

    Performance is at the core of teaching and learning at the Academy and the fullest and most valuable way in which they acquire an understanding of the professions.  Our world-class performance venues, which host over 200 public performances a year, provide excellent opportunities for students of chinese opera, dance, drama and music to showcase their performing arts skills. For students of film and television, they get hands-on experience in production highlighted by their graduation projects. For students in theatre and entertainment arts, they contribute to backstage operations in set and costume design and construction, lighting and sound design and technology, stage management and technical direction.

    Students playing instruments Students dancing

  • Our Industry Links

    The Academy has extensive links with industry leaders and professional companies in Hong Kong and overseas; these benefit students in a number of ways: masters of various disciplines are invited to give classes, performances and workshops; heads of performing groups are invited to view auditions for placement opportunities; students receive internships to work with professional companies.  Through these experiences, students have an early formative experience of working in their chosen fields, thereby enhancing their employability when they graduate.

    Chinese opera actress Chinese Music Ensemble

  • Our Community Links

    Students taking photos

    Students have many opportunities to interact with the community we serve; aside from giving public performances in Hong Kong and overseas events, some use their skills to participate in and organise community projects.  Students also come to interact with members of the public through events such as the annual Open Day, and projects organised by the Academy’s Performing Arts Education Centre.  These endeavours strengthen students’ communication skills and help foster a greater interest in performing arts in the community.