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NGO Jake

NGO Jake

Lecturer (Dance Science)


NGO Jake


Jake is a sport scientist, researcher, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, and lecturer. He is an enthusiast in strength training and athletic performance enhancement and has years of experience in strength and conditioning for both individual and team sports. Jake is also a practitioner in calisthenics (or so-called “street workout”) for several years and now it’s been developed to one of his research areas.  He joined The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2019 and is now lecturer for School of Dance. He manages Dance Science Laboratory, teaches dance science courses, and provides strength and conditioning services to dance students.

Jake has a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Education University of Hong Kong and received “Distinction” grade during field teaching practice. Right after his graduation, he joined Hong Kong Sports Institute which had allowed him to nurture his fitness testing skills and accumulated his training experience with local and national elite athletes in various sports. At the same time, he completed his master’s degree in exercise science at Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Later in 2014, he joined Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong as a technician, and was promoted to the position of teaching fellow in 2017. Jake managed the human performance laboratory and carried out plentiful teaching, fitness testing, and research activities throughout these years. Jake has been teaching a wide range of sports science topics, including but not limited to exercise physiology, fitness coaching and management, strength and conditioning, research methods and statistics, motor learning and control for human performance etc. He also supervised student research projects in strength and conditioning, time motion and tactical analysis in team sports.