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Study ModeFull-time / Part-time
Normal Duration2 years / 3 - 4 years
Credit Requirement60
Programme LeaderProfessor Joseph Gonzales
MajorChoreography / Dance Pedagogy / Dance Science


The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Dance Programme provides Major Studies in Choreography, Dance Pedagogy and Dance Science. The intention is to extend the professional practice of each student by offering both depth and breadth. Each Major contains required courses and electives, which allow the personalisation of learning. The students are guided in their choices by an Academic Advisor and the postgraduate team of lecturers, who support students in selecting courses that will lead towards the discovery of their artistic voice, and the achievement of their career goals. The programme encourages students to investigate and research specific areas within their Major study. Multiple learning modes are used to support this, encouraging students to embrace knowledge at the forefront of their chosen field. At the same time, students can deepen and broaden their knowledge through School and Academy Electives. These encourage students’ autonomous learning to shape their individual skill sets. 

An important goal of the programme is to develop artists who can work independently and carve a career path unique to their individual strengths and career goals. Our goal is that students will emerge as articulate and dynamic scholars and artists. 

For programme and application details, please refer to the Postgraduate Programme Prospectus.



Tsang Wing-fai 曾詠暉 

(MFA 2023, Major in Choreography)


These two-year experience of the MFA programme at HKAPA has been diversified, comprehensive, and multi-dimensional. Under the inspiring and constructive guidance from the professors and guest artists, I could select various theoretical and practical cross-school courses according to personal artistic preferences and research directions, and further explore the art form by participating in in-depth discussions and multi-disciplinary creative practices. This programme undoubtedly consolidated and deepened my academic knowledge and experience systematically, laying a solid foundation for my choreographic journey in the future.

Yao Wei 姚蔚

(MFA 2023, Major in Dance Pedagogy)


Embarking on the MFA programme at the HKAPA as a dance education practitioner has been an enriching and transformative experience. Collaborating with esteemed faculty and fellow students, I have had the chance to develop and implement innovative teaching methodologies, and engage with the local community through outreach education programs. It is a place where passion meets professionalism, where creativity thrives, and where endless possibilities in the field of dance education are waiting to be explored…

Zhao Yimeng 趙藝萌

(MFA 2023, Major in Dance Science)


The Academy's MFA programme has provided me with a wide range of opportunities to explore and experience various possibilities. The diversified curriculum not only deepened my theoretical understanding of dance science, but also provided opportunities to participate in various practical projects, which provided good guidance and support for my future development.