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Theatre & Entertainment Arts

TEA Graduate Exhibition 2020 (Cancelled)


26 December 2020 - 02 January 202112:00

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

School / Department : School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Category : Academy Events

26.12.2020 – 2.1.2021 | 12 noon - 9pm


In the year of the Pandemic, the TEA Graduate Exhibition 2020 showcases a selection of work from some of our talented graduating students.  Students have created original responses to a range of artistic, technical and craft challenges. Works on display feature collaborations with other Schools and highlight activities from two of our departments: Theatre Design and Media Design & Technology.


Individual student contributions to the exhibition will feature works from five different major study areas: Lighting Technology, Set and Costume Design, Costume Technology, Property Making and Scenic Art.


The Exhibition will serve as a platform for our emerging talents to showcase their work and creativity to industry professionals and members of the public.