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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre and Entertainment Arts

The programme offers educational opportunities to mature, talented, and focused artists who are well beyond the initial throes of exploration and discovery and who seek specialised education in preparation for their professional career. The programme provides the time, the aesthetic and intellectual resources, the production facilities and the synergistic creative environment to allow students to broaden, deepen, and synthesise their knowledge, skills, and training with a notable degree of excellence and self-confidence.

It also aims to provide rich conceptual and critical content while including a range of discipline specific courses that meet the highest academic and professional standards, and to enable students to critically review, consolidate, and extend a systematic and coherent body of knowledge in the major study area through coursework, research, and practice, and develop artistic identity in the practice of their discipline.

The programme offers two major study options: Arts and Event Management and Contemporary Design and Technologies.

Major and Specialisations

Arts and Event ManagementArts and Event Management
Contemporary Design and TechnologiesInteractive Media
Projection Design
Spatial Design
Wearable Art

Major - Arts and Event Management

Major - Contemporary Design and Technologies