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Department of Technical Production and Management

The goal of the Technical Production and Management programme is to train the next generation of Stage and Event Managers, Technical Directors and Production Management professionals who can apply their art and craft across various performing styles for theatre, dance, drama, opera and other multimedia disciplines.  The Department of Technical Production and Management comprises two units covering the specialisations of Stage and Event Management, and Technical Direction.

Stage and Event Management

The Stage and Event Management program aims to cultivate stage professionals with knowledge and skills for leadership roles in the performing arts and entertainment industries. The core training includes stage management studies, event management, production management, community arts, management professional development, theatre technology, lighting & audiovisual technologies, production practice, and professional internships. This holistic training develops students' cross-disciplinary skills to manage multifaceted production projects.

Technical Direction

The aim of the technical direction programme is to provide students with both technical and artistic knowledge thus creating the next generation of collaborative, thinking, creative members of the production industry. The programme develops an appreciation of traditional theatre technology while focusing on new and emerging entertainment technologies such as show control, motion control and animatronics.  Graduates from this programme will possess the skills required to build and rig scenery for the stage, safely operate stage machinery and be familiar with workshop management practices and procedures. In their final year of study students will undertake their graduation project and complete a professional internship.