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FUNG Allen

FUNG Allen

Head of Media Design & Technology


FUNG Allen


Allen Fung currently serves as the Head of Media Design and Technology at TEA. He holds an MFA in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong and a BFA from HKAPA, with a major in theatre lighting design. Allen specializes in lighting, media arts, audio-visual systems, and show control technology, and his extensive multidisciplinary professional experience spans across theatre, site-specific performances, art installations, museums, theme parks, exhibitions, and corporate events.


His wide-ranging expertise contributed to his involvement in three pavilion projects at the Beijing Olympics 2008 and Shanghai World Expo 2010. In these projects, Allen was responsible for the design and programming of lighting, audio-visual, and show control systems. Moreover, he programmed the pavilion shows to deliver unique and memorable experiences to visitors from around the world.


Before joining HKAPA, Allen held the position of Manager of Technical and Productions (Performing Arts) at the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority. In this role, he played a significant part in the construction of the Xiqu Centre, the first performing arts venue in the Cultural District. Working closely with theatre consultants and the project team, Allen oversaw all theatre-related aspects, planned and supervised the project handover from a construction site, and ensured the venue operated at a world-class standard.


Allen is renowned for his work in cross-disciplinary projects, where he examines the boundaries between media arts and performing arts, and explores the creative uses of technologies to deliver immersive live experiences. Recently, he has collaborated with Gaybird Leung on projects such as "Breathing at Zero" and "Another 18 Ways to Create or Mute Sound," and with Edward Lam on "Hello, Baoyu" and "NJ's Journey to Atami."