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Academy Drama: Moscow…Why?

8 Jun 2023

Academy Drama: Moscow…Why?

Seven performances of Moscow…Why? have come to a successful close. Directors Chan Suk-yi and Faye Leong have expressed their satisfaction with the experience of working with their students. Their desire is for the audience to calmly face the difficulties of life: "As the play's dialogue says, 'From the moment of our birth, we are actors performing in a surreal comedy.' Even in challenging situations, if we can see ourselves as actors performing in a comedy, we can find solace. As a production created during the learning phase, we also hope that the audience can witness the talents and creativity of our students."


The play is about a boy and a girl, both living in 21st century Hong Kong, have never met before. They fall asleep at the same time while taking the MTR and wake up in a railway carriage heading towards Moscow in 19th century Russia. They soon discover that they are stuck on the train and have no choice but to let it take them wherever it is going. As they make various stops along the way, they begin to realise that they are on a Chekhovian journey, where Chekhov's 19th century Russia providing echoes of their hometown. Somehow, the reality in illusion that they realise throughout the journey seems more real than the reality of their own.


Playwright: Poon Wai-sum

Directors: Chan Suk-yi, Faye Leong

Set Designer: Jasmine Wu Wing-in

Costume Designer: Cindy Ho Pui-shan
Lighting Designer: Chill Chiu
Sound Designer: Laifishfish Lai Wan-yu
Production Manager: Chan Hon-fei

Cast: Caroline Chan, Cheung Cheuk-hang, Chu Tsz-fung, Hui Yuet-sheung, Lai Chi-ho, Michelle Lo, Lui Cheuk-hei, Man Fei-yeung, Sin Lok-yan, Sit Derek, Sum Cheuk-yiu, To Yim-shan, Richelia Yeung, Ng Wing-ha, Wong Ho-tin, Wong Man-to 


Performed by School of Drama students, the production team comprises faculty and students from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts.


Photo by: Carmen So, Kontinue