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General Education Courses

General Education Courses

General Education is an integral component of the Diploma in Foundations, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and Bachelor of Music (Honours) programmes at the Academy. It includes both Liberal Arts and Academy Elective Courses.


Liberal Arts Courses are core and required courses designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to engage in academic, artistic and cultural discussions and analysis. This critical and Cultural foundation is fundamental for students to articulate their visions and expressions as reflective individuals and performing artists.


Academy Elective Courses aim at developing students to become intellectual, articulate and reflective performing art practitioners. The courses focus on five major areas of knowledge: 


  1. Arts & Literature (Ways of Expressing)
  2. Philosophy & Psychology (Ways of Thinking)
  3. Society (Ways of Living)
  4. Entrepreneurship and Professional Development
  5. Discipline-based Courses

Through these courses, students are able to recognize and analyse significant political, economic, social and cultural issues around the world, and understand the roles of performing artists in contemporary society. Students will also reach their potentials and develop essential skills to build their professional careers.