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Admission & Audition


The Academy selects applicants for admission on the basis of both the General Admission Requirements specified for the various academic programmes and applicants’ talents, attainments and relevant training, in the chosen disciplines. Applicants may be asked to attend an audition and/or an interview or to submit a portfolio or to sit an entry test, or a combination of these as deemed necessary by the Schools which offer the respective programmes. Details of audition, interview and selection requirements are given under the School information sections.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Chinese Opera

General Admission Requirements


The applicant shall have obtained the following:

(a) Level 3 or above in English Language; and

(b) Level 3 or above in Chinese Language; and

(c) Level 2 or above in Mathematics; and

(d) Level 2 or above in Liberal Studies; and

(e) Level 2 or above in at least one of any other subject (or “attained” for Applied Learning Subject)


Advanced Diploma in Cantonese Opera

General Admission Requirements

The applicant shall have obtained the following:

  1. A diploma awarded by the Academy, including the attainment of relevant GPA scores; or an equivalent qualification deemed acceptable by the Academy.
  2. Other acceptable qualifications

(a) Attained one of the following qualifications:

• Associate Degree/Higher Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution or Degree level study; or

• Zhuanke Diploma from Mainland China postsecondary institutions and relevant work and professional experience; or

• Gaozhi Diploma from Mainland China postsecondary institutions and relevant work and professional experience; or

    • Full time career performer with 5 years or above of performing experience.

Diploma in Cantonese Opera Foundation*

* Offer of the Diploma in Cantonese Opera Foundations in 2020/21 is subject to approval by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications.


Admission will be based primarily on personal audition, previous experience in performing arts, academic achievements, portfolio reviews and /or practical tests. Applicants should have talent and strong interest in one of the two specialized streams of study provided in the programme (ie. performance and music). In addition, applicants for admission to the Music stream will be expected to possess sufficient skills in playing Cantonese opera melodic instrument (erhu, violin, ruan, etc.) or percussions and background knowledge in Cantonese opera music theory, including gongchepu notation, banqiang structure, and Cantonese dialect.

Selection is based upon applicants’ results in the HKDSE or other public examinations, previous relevant training or experience in their chosen stream of study, a written statement of personal goals, and a written portfolio. Applicants are also required to submit an excerpt of their performance. They may submit up to two reference letters with their application. Only those applicants who pass the preliminary selection will be invited to attend an audition.