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Cantonese Opera Youth Programme

Cantonese Opera Youth Programme 2024/25

Cantonese Opera Youth Programme


With the aim of enhancing the interest of the young generation in Chinese opera, COYP is designed for those who are aged from 9 to 17 demonstrating potentials in Chinese opera performing art.

COYP is a three-year programme which focuses on the training of Chinese opera performing techniques. It covers foundation acrobatic skills, weapon skills, stage movement, Cantonese operatic singing, basic percussion, as well as concepts of modern theatre technology, providing students with an interdisciplinary training in Cantonese opera art form. Outstanding students would be allowed opportunities to take part in performances and promotional events of the School.

COYP provides a foundation training for potential students who are interested in going into bachelor programme offered by the School of Chinese Opera or entering the industry. Interviews are conducted in August on an annual basis.


Cantonese Opera Youth Programme

COYP 2023/24