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The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe

Established on 18 October 2011, The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe is curated by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the troupe aims to nurture professional young Cantonese Opera actors and accompanists so as to help preserve and rejuvenate this traditional art form.

Troupe members participate in public performances and other activities arranged by the Troupe, and receive comprehensive training in foundation works, Cantonese operatic singing, body movements and repertoire studies. The Troupe is committed to the preservation and revival of the traditional Cantonese Opera, and taking the advantage of the characteristics of the culture of Hong Kong, the Troupe advocate to blend the Chinese and Western cultures to enrich artistic diversity and approach in its Cantonese Opera performances. With interdisciplinary cooperation and application of western theater technical arts elements such as stage, lighting and audio designs and production management, the Troupe expects to optimize the horizon of this traditional art form on the stage and to encourage creativity in Cantonese Opera performance.