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Academy Drama: Castle of Glass: Iridescent (Cancelled)

Academy Drama: Castle of Glass: Iridescent (Cancelled)


27 July - 01 August 202019:45

01 August 202014:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 - $95

Details on refund are posted on the website of Hong Kong Ticketing: https://bit.ly/3fpWklO

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events

An unknown space.
A group of unnamed people. 
A repeated narration of WWII Hong Kong.

A mob boss who succumbs to collaborate with the Japanese. 
An old businessman who rejoins the war for his comrade. 
A Canadian soldier whose sole intent is to stay alive. 
A Hong Kong youngster who fights at all costs. 
A Japanese commander who follows orders without question. 
A British Major and General who each sticks to his own view.

As war flames rise, what will be torn down?
As many are shattered in this castle of glass, what are we holding on for?
In tides of bloodshed, what remains of us?

Is this merely history, or will it be a prophecy?


Playwright: Marcus Au
Director / Choreographer: Tony Wong 
Choreographer: Allen Lam 
Set Designer: Vanessa Suen Wing-kwan
Costume Designer: Cecelia Cheung
Lighting Designer: Tang Ho-yin
Sound Designer: Labroe Lee Po-yu
Visual & Projection Designer: Wing Lo 
Production Manager: Yannus Li On-lai 


Cast: Chan Chun-tung, Chan Hing-to, Chow Man-chung, Sunny Lai, Lau Wai-yiu, Leung Yuk-sing, Li Siu-fung, Tse Tsz-kwan, Wong Kit-yi, Cheung Chun-man, Cheung Ka-ying, Kwong Oon-hin, Lam Kin-shun, Alvina Liu, Ng Wing-sun



Castle of Glass premiered at HKREP Black Box Theatre in 2018 


Drama in Cantonese. Suitable for audience aged 12 or above