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Drama is at the very heart of human expression, its communication and identity. The School of Drama believes that its unique position in Asia offers an insight into this artform that will both inform and develop significant creativity and distinctive artists to engage with and feed the cultural community of Hong Kong, the Mainland and beyond. The School of Drama strives to be an incubator, catalyst and repository of the values and importance of the dramatic and performative arts and expresses this in the nurturing of actors, directors, playwrights, dramaturgs and teachers who will function as practitioner-artists making a tangible difference to their community and their chosen discipline.

Students acquire professional skills through formal training in classes, which are then honed, developed and explored in performances, productions and self-directed creative works. Student performances take place both in workshops and in public for classical, comtemporary and original creative works. Students encounter dramatic texts and practices from both Western and Asian traditions. Its undergraduate productions are mainly in Cantonese with opportunities to perform in English and Putonghua.

At undergraduate degree level, the School also aims to cultivate a deep appreciation of the performing arts with a broad range of related studies in theatre and interdisciplinary contexts. It encourages students to be active in the pursuit of cultural knowledge, to be well read and fully involved in the wider arts community through engaging in local, international performances and exchanges. Graduates of the School of Drama are to be skilled practitioners, intelligent and articulate advocates for their artform.

The School is committed to being an important force in the creative development of drama in Hong Kong and meeting the needs of local audiences, the theatre community and related cultural industries. At the same time, the School remains international with a truly global perspective on world theatre.


Master of Fine Arts in Drama

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Drama

Diploma in Drama Foundations