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Academy Drama: Dust and Dawn

Academy Drama: Dust and Dawn


06 - 11 May 201919:45

11 May 201914:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 - $95

Tickets are available one month prior to the show

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events

Dust and Dawn is set at the turbulent time of the late Yuan Dynasty when Zhu Yuanzhang rose to power. Lin Nanfeng wished to retreat from the turmoil of war, yet was delegated to be the leader of The White Lotus Society as his master Ma Yue’s successor.

Lin was not only embroiled in battles but also in love, as he found himself struggling to choose among three women: Shen Xin, Zhang Xiaoyue and Han Tong. Lin’s master, Ma, who decided to become a monk, still held deep affection for his old lover Bai Hezi. While all these relationships remained intertwined with unsolved matters, a killer from Fuso’s The Fire God Family was fast approaching, threatening everyone’s life...

In this chaos, can Lin find the middle path and lead a peaceful life?


Playwright: Poon Wai-sum 
Director / Choreographer: Tony Wong 
​Chinese Opera Lyricist & Composer / Coach: Jason Kong
Set Designer: Jonathan Wong
Costume Designer: Julia Koo Mei-ling
Lighting Designer: Lai Ka-ki
Sound Designer: Meiling Chan
Production Manager: Lau Sai-wai
Cast: Cheng Kam-fung, Choi Wai-ki, Ho Sui-man, Elly Lam, Man Hoi-lam, Cerruti Derrick Ownn, So Chi-leung, So Chun-wai, Franchesca Wong, Yung Yin-sing, Leung Ka-ming, Leung Suet-yin


Drama in Cantonese. This production is suitable for audience aged 12 or above.